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Orange County, CA

Attempted murder suspect taken into custody after hours-long standoff on Orange County, Calif., freeway - KTTV

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UK local elections 2016

Scottish National Party leader Nicola Sturgeon claims 'historic' election victory for SNP after party wins its 3rd Scottish election in succession - BBC


Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israel Defense Forces say mortar rounds fired at forces near Gaza border; no injuries reported - @IDFSpokesperson



Controversial Kenyan businessman Jacob Juma shot, killed by unknown suspect - The Star Kenya


North Korea

Video: Scene outside Pyongyang's April 25 House of Culture, where North Korea's first congress in nearly 36 years is underway - @JeremyKohCNA

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Gaziantep, Gaziantep, Turkey

7 killed, 1 injured in house fire in Gaziantep, Turkey - NTV



Debris from helicopter that went missing with Malaysian deputy minister on board in Sarawak, Malaysia, found, Prime Minister Najib Razak says - Straits Times

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2016 US elections

Las Vegas Sands CEO Sheldon Adelson says he'll support Donald Trump: 'He's our nominee. Whoever the nominee would turn out to be, any one of the 17 - he was one of the 17. He won fair and square.' - New York Times

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Allapattah, Miami, FL

1 dead, 3 injured after shooting in Miami's Allapattah neighborhood - Miami Herald

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NBA playoffs 2016

Toronto Raptors beat Miami Heat 96-92 in overtime at Game 2 of NBA playoffs; series tied 1-1 - ESPN

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Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Photo: Smoke rises from fire that broke out late Thursday in slum area of Gautam Nagar, Mumbai; fire now under control - ANI


Milwaukee, WI

Milwaukee police officer shot by armed robbery suspect, police say; suspect shot, killed by officers - WISN

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North Randall, OH

Photo: Large fire burns at former shopping mall in North Randall, Ohio; demolition at Randall Park Mall started in Dec. 2014 - @ScottTaylorTV

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North Randall, OH

Firefighters battling large fire at vacant movie theater in North Randall, Ohio - WJW


2016 US elections

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence announces support for Republican presumptive nominee Donald Trump; Pence had previously endorsed Ted Cruz - WTHR

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Adelphi, MD

Police identify Adelphi man Eulalio Tordil as suspect in Beltsville, Md., shooting; Tordil is employee of Federal Protective Service

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Australian health blogger who lied about having cancer charged after Consumer Affairs investigation - 7 News

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Penn State ex-coach child sex case

Penn State on claim Joe Paterno knew of sex abuse as early as 1976: 'We are aware of the allegations. But the legal case and confidentiality commitments that govern our settlement agreements preclude us from discussing these matters at all. We are sensitive to the need to adhere to our commitments and to honor the privacy concerns of potential victims' - NBC News

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China to take tougher actions against illegal coal mining projects in effort to address surplus coal capacity - Reuters


Fort McMurray, Alberta, wildfire, May 2016

Photo: Firefighting plane rests on its nose after exiting runway in Manning, Alberta - Kristy Kilik via @ZoeHTodd

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