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2016 US elections

Photo: GOP Presidential candidate Jeb Bush just autographed the famous 'Aiken Stump' as he begins to speak to Aiken rally in South Carolina - @TaylorSCHouse

13 WHOA!

Aiken, SC

Photo: Damage seen after earlier tornado-warned storm in Aiken, SC - @NBC26Weather

30 WHOA!

Aiken, SC

#BreakingNews #Earthquake in SC. Magnitude 4.4 near Aiken. Could be felt in NC, SC and GA. - @ABC11_WTVD


Aiken, SC

Update on report of gunman in Aiken, S.C., elementary school: Deputies find nothing suspicious, all-clear given - NBC

End of alert

Aiken, SC

Sheriff's deputies in Aiken, S.C., respond to reports of a gunman inside an elementary school - WAGT