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London, England, GB

Photo: Travelers wait at London Stansted airport where there's a reported power outage affecting Ryanair flights - @NelvinoTravels


Durham International Airport, Cary, NC, US

Issues at substation cause partial power outage at Raleigh-Durham International Airport, some shops dark but flights unaffected - @newsobserver



Photo: Wreckage of suspected military aircraft crash in Weinan City in China's Shaanxi - @cctvnews

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Report: 2 killed after a suspected military aircraft crashed in Weinan Cty in northwest China's Shaanxi - @cctvnews

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air travel

#BREAKING 2 were reportedly killed after a suspected military aircraft crashed in Weinan city,NW China’s Shaanxi Mon. http://t.co/C0BCPU5dN0 - @cctvnews


United Airlines

United Airlines flight from Seattle to Newark diverted to Spokane due to engine issues - @KIRO7Seattle

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San Francisco, CA, US

Flight delays reported at San Francisco airport due to low clouds, FAA says - @breakingweather

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Delhi, Delhi, IN

At least 16 flights, 50 trains delayed in Delhi, India, due to fog - @ndtv

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Update: Jetstar Airways back online and flights are departing; earlier delays across Australia and New Zealand network were due to an IT outage - @JetstarAirways

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Jetstar Airways

Jetstar Airways is experiencing delays across the Australia and New Zealand as a result of an IT outage impacting operations - @SydneyAirport

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Alberta, CA

The Fort McMurray airport in Alberta, Canada, reports 'there has been an incident' and the airport has been evacuated - @FlyYMM

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Netherlands, Poland and Norway to talk to Airbus about buying 4 air tankers - @ReutersNordics



Chinese court sentences plane captain to 3 years in prison for 2010 crash that killed 44 people, saying he violated regulations by trying to land plane in low visibility - @AP

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Seagoville, TX, US

Pilot dies after small plane attempting to land at Mesquite Airport crashes in Seagoville, Texas - @BenRussellNBC5

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Seagoville, TX, US

RT @wfaajenny: #BREAKING small plane crash in Seagoville ... we have a crew on the way. more info as its available. - @wfaachannel8

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Florida, US

Editor's note: The Tampa Tribune says that sonic booms reported this week along the Florida coast and as far inland as Gainesville are from an Air Force training exercise over the Gulf of Mexico. - Tom

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John F Kennedy International Airport, New York, NY, US

FAA: Due to wind, departure traffic to JFK airport is subject to a ground delay - @breakingweather

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South Africa

South African woman charged with assault after Toronto-bound Air Canada flight is diverted - @CP24

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Reno, NV, US

Pilot error blamed for 2013 midair collision between 2 jets practicing for the National Championship Air Races in Reno - @vegasbreaking

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John F Kennedy International Airport, New York, NY, US

TSA agents found parts of a handgun hidden inside a PlayStation 2 at New York City's JFK airport security screening - @glennschuck

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