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air travel

Average US airfare in the 3rd quarter was $372, down 6.2% from a year before - US Department of Transportation

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Huejotzingo, Puebla, Mexico

Photo: Small plane makes emergency landing in the field surrounding the Huejotzing Airport in Puebla, Mexico - @NTelevisa_com


Louisville International Airport, KY

Photo: A long line of passengers wait to get through a security checkpoint at Louisville International Airport, which has reopened after removal of a suspicious item - @DougDruschke


Louisville International Airport, KY

Photo: A first responder walks through Louisville International airport, where a suspicious item at a check-in scanner has led to the closure of a security checkpoint - @BossLight45


Louisville International Airport, KY

Photo: Travelers at Louisville International Airport directed away from TSA checkpoint where a suspicious item is under investigation - @BossLight45

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Louisville International Airport, KY

TSA checkpoint at Louisville International Airport closed due to suspicious item in scanner - WAVE

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air industry

Spirit Airlines beats estimates in 4th quarter with net income of $74.4 million due to lower fuel costs, more flights - Reuters


Los Angeles, CA

Search continues for body of 3rd person who died in small plane crash off Southern California coast - NBC Los Angeles

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Explosion on Daallo Airlines flight

Somali authorities say bomb that blew hole in fuselage of Djibouti-bound flight was hidden in laptop computer and was likely meant to be detonated on Turkish Airlines flight - WSJ

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Super Bowl 50

FAA says there were 4 airspace violations by private planes during Sunday's Super Bowl at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. - NBC Bay Area

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Los Angeles, CA

Divers recover remains of victims, debris from suspected midair small plane crash near Los Angeles coast, authorities say - ABC7

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Super Bowl 50

Image: FAA tweets reminder that drones are prohibited within 32 nautical miles of Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., due to Super Bowl 50 security concerns - @FAANews

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Super Bowl 50

Map: Most aviation in California's Bay Area grounded ahead of Super Bowl 50; Homeland Security aircraft patrolling Levi's Stadium - @martyn_williams

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Explosion on Daallo Airlines flight

Daallo Airlines chief: Somali suicide bomber suspect and passengers meant to board Turkish Airlines, flight was cancelled - Al Jazeera

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Explosion on Daallo Airlines flight

2 Somali airport workers arrested, seen on video with laptop believed to have held bomb that exploded on plane - CNN

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Zika virus outbreak 2016

Zika virus discourages many Americans from Latin America travel, poll shows - Reuters

End of alert
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Barwon Heads, Victoria, Australia

Plane crash wreckage found off coast near Barwon Heads, Victoria, but 4th victim still missing - ABC News Melbourne

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Los Angeles, CA

Coast Guard says officials still unsure if a 2nd plane was involved in crash of San Pedro, Calif., coast; incident was initially reported to be a midair collision, however, debris was only found from 1 plane - Los Angeles Times

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Linden, NJ

1 person suffers broken leg after helicopter crash in Linden Airport in New Jersey - @MylesMill

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Linden, NJ

Photo: Helicopter crashes during landing attempt at Linden Airport in New Jersey - @MylesMill

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