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Fox Lake, Ill., officer shot, Sept. 1, 2015

FAA establishes a no-fly zone over Fox Lake, Ill., around area of manhunt - @Reuters

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Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan

Pakistan Air Force: Plane crossed sound barrier, loud bang heard in Karachi was due to that - @Karachi_Post

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Dallas, TX

#BREAKING @SouthwestAir confirms a flight from San Diego to Chicago midway was diverted to Amarillo. 6 unruly passengers arrested last night - @wfaachannel8


Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Manchester Airport confirm they're investigating 'localized' evacuation and cause doesn't appear to be serious - @ManAirport

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Chicago, IL

#BREAKING: #Chicago-bound flight diverted after altercation on plane http://t.co/inLfxL15mr - @nbcchicago


Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Video: Passengers reportedly evacuated air-side at Manchester Airport - Instagram's rh266

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Manchester, England, United Kingdom

Editor's note: We are hearing reports on Twitter that Terminal 2 at Manchester Airport has been evacuated but we are unable to confirm them at this stage. We'll bring you more as we get it. - Luke

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Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

Photo: Fire at a heavy equipment supplier in Isando, Gauteng, South Africa; the smoke has shut highways and is affecting flights at OR Tambo International Airport - @benonicitytimes

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Newark International Airport, Newark, NJ

Update: Police detain man who entered secure hallway, forcing evacation of terminal at Newark Airport - @ABC7NY

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Newark International Airport, Newark, NJ

Photo: Security situation causes evacuation of Newark Airport terminal; authorities have suspect surrounded - @RichKrezwick

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Newark International Airport, Newark, NJ

Photo: People gather outside Newark Airport after terminal evacuated; no word on cause - @sachinshenoy

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Plane crash at Shoreham Airshow, Aug. 22, 2015

Police in UK name 2 more victims of Shoreham air crash as Richard Smith, 26, and 42-year-old Dylan Archer - @BBCBreaking

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Parkland, FL

Update: Officials says small plane crashed in Parkland, Fla.; 2 people suffer minor burns, 1 airlifted to hospital as trauma alert - @WPTV

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Coral Springs, FL

Coral Springs, Fla., fire department confirms small aircraft crash; 2 people on board, plane on fire - @PBC_Alerts

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Authorities say small plane crashed at an air show in southern Austria, fatally injuring the pilot - @AP

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Crash at New York Air Show

New York Air Show opens with moment of silence, tribute to stunt pilot who died in practice a day earlier - @AP

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Denver, CO

Flight from Las Vegas to Germany diverted to Denver over unruly passenger - @AP

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Dexter, ME

Update: Officials say 2 people in small plane during crash in Dexter, Maine, do not have life-threatening injuries - @KaitlynChana

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air industry

Activist files for emergency help for SkyGreece Airline's stranded passengers - @VancouverSun

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Kaduna, Kaduna, Nigeria

Update: Officials say 7 confirmed dead in Nigerian Air Force jet crash in Kaduna; all bodies recovered, firefighters at site containing fire - @AP

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