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Al Jazeera journalists sentenced in Egypt

Egyptian government sentences journalist union head to 2 years in prison - @AFP

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Major League Baseball

MLB says investigation found no drugs violation for Philadelphia Phillies' Ryan Howard and Washington Nationals' Ryan Zimmerman who were named in Al Jazeera report - @MLB_PR

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Case in which death sentences against 6, including 2 Al Jazeera journalists, were affirmed called a 'politically motivated' sham by media advocate - Al Jazeera

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Trial of Egypt's President Morsi

Editor's note: The AP notes former Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi may appeal today's guilty verdict on charges he played a role in the passing of state secrets to Qatar and the Al Jazeera television network. Morsi is already facing a death sentence over his role in 2011 prison rioting, which he has also appealed. - Tricia

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Peyton Manning

Report: Peyton Manning will not sue Al Jazeera over story on performance-enhancing drugs - USA Today

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Update: Al Jazeera rejects Egyptian court's allegations it collaborated with ex-President Morsi; court which recommended death for 2 journalists has put off Morsi espionage case

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Iraq bans Al Jazeera network, saying it violated government regulations - Reuters

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Al Jazeera America

Former Al Jazeera America executive files lawsuit asserting he did not receive promised promotion, salary raise due to racial discrimination - New York Times

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Al Jazeera America

Al Jazeera America sends message from newsroom, signs off after a run of less than 3 years - @ajam

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Al Jazeera to reduce workforce as part of workforce optimisation initiative, network leadership says - Al Jazeera

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Ryan Zimmerman

Washington Nationals star Ryan Zimmerman denies allegations of performance-enhancing drug use documented in a December documentary by Al Jazeera - Washington Post


Al Jazeera

Report: Al Jazeera America sets April 12 to be last planned day for TV station, source tells @brianstelter

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Yemen crisis

Al Jazeera says 3 journalists kidnapped are correspondent Hamdi Al-Bokari and his crew, Abdulaziz Al-Sabri and Moneer Al-Sabai; all were last seen Monday night in Taiz, Yemen - Al Jazeera

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Al Jazeera

Al Jazeera says 3 members of news team believed to have been kidnapped in Taiz, Yemen - Al Jazeera

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Al Jazeera

Al-Jazeera says 1 of its chief correspondents is missing in Yemen - AP

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United States

Al Jazeera America's CEO Al Anstey details decision to close in staff memo: '... our business model is simply not sustainable in light of the economic challenges in the US media marketplace' - @nytimes

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United States

Al Jazeera America to shut down by April 30 - @peterlattman

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Al Jazeera

Baseball players Ryan Howard, Ryan Zimmerman sue Al Jazeera for defamation over drug-use story - @CSNPhilly

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Syrian Civil War

Al Jazeera cameraman dies 6 days after he was wounded covering an army bombardment in Syria - @AJENews

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Al Jazeera journalists sentenced in Egypt

Journalist Mohamed Fahmy, released from Egyptian prison last month, is back in Canada - @AP

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