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Fort Worth, TX, US

RT @wfaalauren: #BREAKING: @FortWorthFire says truck carrying BEES broke down 35W near Golden Triangle. FD now cooling down bees w/ WATER a… - @wfaachannel8


Clarksville, TN, US

#BREAKING Toddler bitten by copperhead snake at Clarksville preschool >>https://t.co/2erDflnoLm #wmc5 https://t.co/H0OyFsFJ2G - @WMCActionNews5


European Union

European Court of Justice rules that EU law protects EU market from cosmetic products containing ingredients tested on animals

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Costa Mesa, CA, US

2 people suffer smoke inhalation, cat dies in Costa Mesa, Calif., fire - Orange County Register

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Mexico closes 7 sawmills operating illegally in monarch butterfly reserve - AP

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Virginia Beach, VA, US

#BREAKING Virginia Beach man to serve two years in jail for animal cruelty https://t.co/BwKxfV55wa https://t.co/w5OkOumq2j - @WTKR3


Sea Isle City, NJ, US

Officials say humpback whale that washed ashore in Sea Isle City, NJ, died due to human interaction - WPVI

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New Smyrna Beach, FL, US

3 surfers bit by sharks at New Smyrna Beach in Florida, authorities say - WFTV

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Zika virus outbreak (2015-present)

Map: Miami Beach Zika transmission zone more than doubles in size after more mosquitoes test positive for virus, Gov. Rick Scott says - @BrianEntin

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Sea Isle City, NJ, US

Photo: Beached whale in Sea Isle City, NJ - FOX29

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Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand

Hamilton, New Zealand, city council to pay $138,000 (US$101,000) for fatal tiger attack at zoo last year, judge rules - NZ Stuff

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Franklin County, OH, US

#BREAKING 84 dogs now euthanized after distemper outbreak at the Franklin County Dog Shelter. #10TV - @10TV


Hurricane Hermine (2016)

Crews rescuing 6 manatees trapped in a Citrus County, Fla., pond after Hurricane Hermine - WFLA

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Mccrory, AR, US

Police officer in McCrory, Ark., killed after patrol car crashes into deer, Arkansas State Police say - KTHV

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Stanford University ocean study: Bigger species are at greater risk of extinction - Mercury News

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Kruger National Park, South Africa

South African park kills 350 hippos, buffalos amid drought - AP

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Photo: Chicago White Sox claim Guinness World Record for the most dogs (1,122) attending a sporting event - White Sox

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Captive killer whales controversy

California bans SeaWorld orca shows, whale breeding - AP

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National Zoological Park, Washington, DC, US

Smithsonian's National Zoo announces birth of male Bornean orangutan

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San Diego, CA, US

#BREAKING Woman bitten by bobcat near Torrey Pines High School. @10NewsRBianco headed there now for #10Newsat11 - @10News