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New York, NY, US

Video: New York City mounted police unit marches into Times Square ahead of tonight's New Year's celebration - Instagram's NYPD

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Fort Myers, FL, US

1 of the eagle eggs in Fort Myers, Fla., has hatched - @MyNews13

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California, US

California's '1st dog,' Gov. Jerry Brown's dog Sutter, dies at age 13 - KTLA



China to ban all domestic ivory trade and processing by end of 2017, state media reports - The Guardian

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Philadelphia, PA, US

Philadelphia Zoo euthanizes Zenda, a 25-year-old lion believed to be oldest in US - AP

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Madrid, Madrid, Spain

Photo: Participants in an annual dog race aimed at encouraging pet adoption, raising funds and giving more access to dogs in public places, in Madrid - @el_refugio

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Swedish court OKs hunting of 24 of Sweden's population of roughly 340 wolves - AFP

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H7N9 bird flu cases in China, Hong Kong

Shanghai confirms new human case of H7N9 bird flu, state media reports - Reuters

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Bandits attack home of Kenya's former Inspector General of Police in Elgeyo-Marakwet County and steal livestock - Citizen Digital

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Michigan, US

New Michigan law designed to protect pets from animal abusers is signed by Governor Calley - Detroit Free Press

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Nova Scotia, Canada

Officials surveying beaches in Nova Scotia after thousands of dead sea creatures wash ashore - CBC News

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Officials: Herd of elephants attack a village in southwest Nepal, killing 1 person and wounding 2 - AP

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Tamil Nadu, India

2 elephants die of suspected anthrax in Tamil Nadu state, India - PTI

End of alert
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Fairhaven Beach, Fairhaven, Victoria, Australia

Video: Alarms sound after shark spotted at Fairhaven, Australia, beach; surfers and swimmers ordered out of water - @tdolling

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Riverside, CA, US

Riverside, Calif., firefighters say officials unable to rescue dog that fell down sinkhole - CBS LA

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Cesar Department, Colombia

Colombian Agricultural Institute declares health emergency in Cesar due to outbreak of Venezuelan equine encephalitis virus in horses - Caracol Radio

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bird flu

Government confirms 2 wild birds in England test positive for H5N8 strain of bird flu; Public Health England says risk to public remains very low - Farming UK

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Auckland, Auckland Region, New Zealand

Canadian woman refused entry into New Zealand after she tried to smuggle in her 4-year-old tabby cat in her purse, officials say - AP

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China confirms 2nd case of human bird flu infection this week - Channel News Asia

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Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Man in serious condition after being pierced by stingray barb in Portsea suburb of Melbourne - 7News

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