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Volusia County, FL

RT @BTolisonWFTV: #BREAKING @WFTV #VolusiaCounty leaders vote unanimously in favor of resolution against hunting black bears. - @WFTV


Miami Beach, FL

Missing Miami Beach, Fla., police K9 found, officials confirm - NBC 6

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Birchwood Airport, Anchorage, AK, US

NTSB: Small plane that crashed near Anchorage airport struck a bald eagle - Alaska Dispatch News

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Charla Nash attacked by chimpanzee

Connecticut woman who underwent face transplant after chimpanzee attack says body is rejecting transplant - AP

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22 horses entered for Kentucky Derby as entry box closed Wednesday; field limited to 20 - AP

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Severe drought forces Zimbabwe to sell off wildlife in national game reserves to save fauna from starvation - AFP

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Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison says his government will never sell largest cattle empire to foreigners - AP

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Preferred Chinese-Australian bidder for S. Kidman & Co. cattle empire withdraws bid - ABC Australia


Golan Heights, Israel

HU student recovers after being treated for snakebite on Golan https://t.co/xmwjc6FyBV #BreakingNews - @Jerusalem_Post


Wilmington, NC

#Breaking - Gas leak prompts evacuations in Monkey Junction https://t.co/8UVMT3GzwU #ilm - @StarNewsOnline


North Carolina, US

#BREAKING: Reports of bomb threat at #Walmart in Monkey Junction >> https://t.co/aG2ivMQq3N - @wectnews


Southeast Asia heat wave 2016

Officials in Indian state of Uttarakhand say massive, unpredicable forest fires that have killed 7 now threaten 2 tiger reserves - AP

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Providence, RI

Photo: Elephants perform for the last time on Ringling Bros. live elephant show in Providence, RI - @Comcast_Kristen

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Photo: Animal rights activists are protesting outside Ringling Bros. circus; they say methods used to control animals are cruel - @katharinelackey

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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

Elephants to perform for last time at Ringling Bros. circus Sunday night in Rhode Island - AP

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Hundreds protest in Taiwan against Taiwanese firm over mysterious mass fish deaths along country's central coast - Reuters

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Maricopa County, AZ

Man rushed to hospital after being struck by lightning while riding horse in Buckeye Valley, Ariz., police say - KPHO/KTVK

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Photo: People cheer as officials set fire to 105 tons of elephant tusks, 1.35 million tons of rhino horns, in action against illegal poaching, at Nairobi National Park - @kwskenya

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Live video: Kenya conducts largest-ever ivory burn in effort against illegal poaching - @kwskenya

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Photo: Paleoanthropologist Richard Leakey, who heads the Kenya Wildlife Service, poses with Kenyan lawyer Philip Murgor ahead of a record anti-poaching elephant tusk burning - @philip_murgor

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