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Nashville, TN, US

AT&T says Nashville should expect lawsuit if 'One Touch Made Ready' ordinance backed by Google Fiber passes - Tennessean

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Nashville, TN, US

#BREAKING Google Fiber, AT&T, Comcast fail to strike deal after contentious day of meetings in Nashville. https://t.co/fRHocQoFgF - @Tennessean


Rochester, MN, US

Police confirm: four armed men robbed AT&T, possibly tied up employees and fled. K9 unit searching the area for suspects. #rochmn - @pbasetterholm



AT&T announces deal with Cuban telecoms to offer roaming to customers visiting the island - Reuters

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AT&T, Apple, Google and others to work with US FCC on 'robocall' crackdown - Reuters

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AT&T introduces new wireless plans that raises prices for frugal customers and lowers costs for its biggest data users - WSJ

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Nashville, TN, US

Nashville Mayor Megan Barry seeks 'resolution' from Google Fiber, AT&T, Comcast over proposed utility pole policy for Google Fiber expansion - The Tennessean

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Flooding in Louisiana and Mississippi, Aug. 2016

Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards says hours-long AT&T outage in Baton Rouge, Livingston 'does present a problem' for rescue efforts - The Advocate

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FCC: AT&T to pay $7.75 million settlement for allowing sham directory assistance calls - Reuters

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GameStop buys 507 AT&T Wireless stores in 26 states in effort to diversify offerings - Bloomberg

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AT&T reports earnings of 72 cents a share, matching estimates; revenues of $40.52 billion vs estimates of $40.62 billion - CNBC

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Bastille Day attack in Nice, France

Google, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint and AT&T offering US customers free calls to France following Nice attack - Android Central

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Charlotte, NC, US

RT @xmanwalton: #BREAKING @CMPD 911 call center experiencing tech issues w/ transferring calls @wcnc AT&T is resolving problem https://t.co… - @wcnc



Citigroup sues AT&T over use of 'thanks' in loyalty rewards program - Reuters

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US International Trade Commission launches patent infringement investigation into Apple, AT&T's use of 'haptic' technology - Reuters

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AT&T reports earnings of 72 cents a share vs. estimates of 69 cents; revenues of $40.5 billion vs. estimates of $40.47 billion - CNBC

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US-Cuba relations

AT&T, Starwood and Marriott preparing to complete deals in Cuba ahead of an Obama trip - WSJ

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DirecTV's 1st-ever live 4K broadcast will be golf's Masters Tournament in April - Verge

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FBI, Apple encryption dispute

AT&T files amicus brief supporting Apple in battle with FBI over access to iPhone - USA Today

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AT&T plans to start selling cable-like bundles of television, like Netflix, through a new app later this year - CNN

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