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Cape Canaveral, FL, US

Boeing, SpaceX to launch astronauts from Cape Canaveral http://t.co/vyjN9SBN1r #breaking http://t.co/skhaAzSr9J - @WESH


National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA chooses Boeing, SpaceX to transport US astronauts to ISS; contracts worth a total of $6.8 billion - @BloombergTV, @latimesbiz

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St. Louis, MO, US

More than half of Boeing machinists at St. Louis fighter-jet plant sign up to take voluntary buyout, union says - @Reuters

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air industry

Boeing wins $11 billion order from Ryanair - @chibreakingbiz

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US economic indicators

Orders for US durable goods jumped by 22.6% in July because of surge in contracts for Boeing - @MarketWatch

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air industry

Boeing says it's completed a key design review for a space taxi to fly astronauts to the International Space Station - @Reuters

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Boeing 787 Dreamliner

Boeing to build new, longer version of 787 Dreamliner jet exclusively in South Carolina, senior executive says - @WSJ

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United States

US markets close with S&P and Nasdaq slightly higher; Boeing weighs on Dow - @CNBC


air industry

Boeing reports 2nd-quarter sales of $22.05 billion versus $21.82 billion 1 year ago, slightly lower than estimate - @MarketsTicker

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict

More: A Delta Boeing 747 from New York was flying over the Mediterranean headed for Tel Aviv when it turned around and flew to Paris instead over missile fear - @AP

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Malaysia Airlines plane crash in Ukraine, July 17, 2014

Photo: Crash site of Malaysia Airlines Boeing 777 in the Donetsk region of Ukraine - Dmitry Lovetsky via @nytimes

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#BREAKING: Boeing spokesman says "we are aware of the media reports and we are gathering information" on Malaysian Airlines plane crash - @Reuters



#BREAKING: Boeing spokesman: "I haven't heard that and I can't confirm it at this time" on Malaysian Airlines plane crash - @Reuters



#BREAKING: @CNN reporting Malaysian Boeing 777 crashed in Ukraine near Russian border. - @wsoctv


New Jersey, US

Air India flight 144 Boeing 777 reporting a bird strike after takeoff. Smoke coming from the engine. Plane circling over New Jersey - @NJerzyFireAlert

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Justice Department accuses Chinese executive of industrial espionage targeting Boeing, other contractors - @WSJ

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Last of 6 Boeing fuselages damaged in train derailment expected to be recovered on Tuesday, railway says; clears way for full train service to resume - @Reuters

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Missoula, MT, US

Crews to attempt to remove 3 Boeing 737 fuselages that fell into Montana river when train derailed - @AP

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Norwegian Air Shuttle

Norwegian Air CEO says he seeks to add more Boeing 787 Dreamliners - @WSJ

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air industry

Boeing deliveries up 7% in 2nd quarter; company delivered 181 planes, including 30 Dreamliners - @CNBCnow

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