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Netflix says they have resolved reported video streaming issues


Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Israel approves construction for 98 West Bank settler homes, watchdog says - AFP

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Google EU antitrust probe

EU antitrust regulators wants Google to stop anti-competitive Android practices, fine expected - Reuters

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Report: Iraq exported 935,270 barrels of oil in September via pipeline to Turkish Mediterranean port of Ceyan, oil ministry says - Reuters

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Central Bank of Kenya have sued directors of Imperial Bank, seek to recover 42 billion Kenyan Shillings ($414 million) held by 40 firms - The Star

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Report: Iraq September oil exports from southern ports at 3.45 million barrels per day, oil officials say - Reuters

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Springfield, OH, US

Navistar in Springfield, Ohio, and UAW reach tentative 4-year agreement - WHIOTV

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China's manufacturing activity expands slightly in September; PMI at 50.4 - Reuters

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Boston, MA, US

#BREAKING: Janitors who clean many Greater Boston office buildings struck a deal, and averted a strike https://t.co/MEwT13VpFE - @BostonGlobe


South Korea

South Korea's exports backtracked 5.9% on-year due to sluggish shipments of cars and mobile devices, trade ministry says - Yonhap News

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Philadelphia, PA, US

#BREAKING: Philadelphia Orchestra Goes on Strike Right Before Opening Night Performance https://t.co/McsH4IaHwE https://t.co/WfehFDpo3H - @NBCPhiladelphia



Report: Google working with financial adviser to review potential bid for Twitter, source tells Bloomberg

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Alfred Olango fatally shot by El Cajon, Calif., police

Update: El Cajon, Calif., business development group urges downtown businesses to remain closed until Sunday morning; urging comes as officials release video of fatal police shooting - @10NewsMilanes

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Food and Drug Administration

Graceleigh, Inc. Recalls Sammy’s Milk Baby Food Because of Possible Health Risk


Alfred Olango fatally shot by El Cajon, Calif., police

City of El Cajon, Calif., advising all downtown businesses to close early for safety reasons due to release of video showing fatal police shooting of Alfred Olango - 10News

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New Jersey, US

#BREAKING Gas tax going up 23-cents in New Jersey https://t.co/PTZTAhbyVJ - @ABC7NY


New Jersey, US

New Jersey to increase gasoline tax by 23 cents, Gov. Christie announces - NBC New York

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Nevada, US

#BREAKING: Nevada boasts record-high employment, erasing losses post-Recession. https://t.co/a0d0rhwA1d https://t.co/3tAk9nRb4T - @FOX5Vegas


United States

Editor's note: Reuters notes that for quarter, the Dow gained 2.1%, the S&P 500, 3.3% and the Nasdaq, 9.7% - Tom

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US close higher as Deutsche Bank shares rebound 14% on report of a settlement with DOJ; Dow jumps 165 - CNBC

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