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Calhoun, GA, US

At least 10 people injured, 1 seriously, after deck collapses in Calhoun, Ga., during Thanksgiving celebration - @WSBTV

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Winter storm hits US South, Feb. 10-13, 2014

Interstate I-75 is closed between Highway 126 and Highway 156 due to ice on the road, Georgia Department of Transportation says - via @NBCNews

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Severe storms in Great Plains, Southern US, Jan. 29-30, 2013

8 people were injured as a tornado touched down at 11:30 am ET near Calhoun, Georgia; several of injuries are critical - @breakingweather

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Calhoun, GA, US

Officials: 8 injuries in one home from a tornado just southeast of Calhoun, GA around 11:30am EST. Some injuries described as critical.