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California, US

Tesla battery-swap pilot program to launch next week in California - @GreenCarReports

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California drought 2014

Editor's note: Per Accuweather, several storms are expected to deliver more rain to California in the coming days before the pattern changes and storms begin to take a more northerly path. - Tom

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California drought 2014

California will need 11 trillion gallons of water to end historic drought, NASA says - @mashable

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Sony cyberattack 2014

Class action lawsuit was filed by 2 former Sony employees in US district court in California against Sony Pictures Entertainment for failing to protect employees' data - @Reuters

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Storm hits California, December 2014

Flash flood warnings issued for California's Marin and Sonoma counties - @nbcbayarea

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California, US

Report: Wal-Mart managers in California illegally punished employees for going on strike, National Labor Relations Board judge rules - @nytimesbusiness

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Ferocious storm to batter California, as atmospheric river known as the 'Pineapple Express' is set to deliver steady stream of moisture directly from Hawaii - @USATODAY

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Storm hits California, December 2014

Blizzard warning now in effect for California's northern Sierra Nevada including Donner Pass and Echo Summit; winter storm warning issued for southern Sierra - @capitalweather

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California drought 2014

NOAA report says California drought mostly due to natural causes, not global warming - @capitalweather

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Auction house says letter Joe DiMaggio wrote to Marilyn Monroe before their divorce sold for $78,125 in California auction - @Reuters

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Eric Garner dies in NYC police custody

Police: Several businesses looted and damaged in Berkeley, Calif., protest march against chokehold death - @AP

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California drought 2014

White House issues statement threatening to veto California Emergency Drought Relief Act; says act would undermine environmental laws - @markknoller

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California drought 2014

A series of storms over the Pacific is heading toward northern California and coastal Northwest - @breakingweather

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California, US

California court strikes down law requiring collection of DNA from arrested felony suspects - @AP

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Arizona, US

Light rain showers moving across southeastern California and Arizona - @NWSPhoenix


LGBT rights

DC Council votes unanimously to ban gay conversion therapy; joins California and New Jersey to ban the practice - @washingtonpost

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California drought 2014

California officials increase 2015 water allocations in wake of improving precipitation forecasts - @LANow


Beverly Hills, CA, US

Authorities responding to officer-involved shooting in Luxe Hotel in Beverly Hills, Calif., in connection to suspected bank robbery - @LANow

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Ferguson, Mo., unrest 2014

Per sources: At least 4 suspected freeway interlopers arrested by California Highway Patrol - @anblanx

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Ferguson, Mo., unrest 2014

Editor's note: Protests in reaction to the Ferguson, Mo., grand jury decision have been reported in New York, Philadelphia, DC, Chicago, Denver, Los Angeles, Oakland, Calif., and Seattle. Many gatherings have been peaceful, The Associated Press reports, but the most disruptive demonstrations outside of Missouri have been in Oakland, where protesters blocked a freeway for hours. - Stephanie

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