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US measles outbreak 2015

Leading US pediatrician group urges measles vaccinations in the face of outbreak that began at Disneyland in California in December which has spread to more than 80 people in 7 US states as well as Mexico - @Reuters

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US measles outbreak 2015

California health officials: Measles cases in state rise to 68 total, 48 cases linked to Disneyland

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Taxi app controversies 2015

Ride-share app Uber reportedly suspends drivers in California who registered cars for commercial use - @BuzzfeedNews

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US measles outbreak 2015

Health officials say 66 confirmed cases of measles in a California-centered outbreak, many linked to Disneyland - @LANow

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California, US

Official picks 15 California state community colleges to offer bachelor's degrees - @ksbw

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Magnitude 4.4 earthquake strikes 16 miles northeast of Greenfield, Calif. - @abc7newsBayArea, @NBCLA

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Alfred Villalobos

Alfred Villalobos, former California pension fund board member who faced trial on federal corruption and bribery charges, appears to have committed suicide, officials say - @latimes

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Kamala Harris

California Attorney General Kamala Harris to announce campaign for US Senate seat vacated by Barbara Boxer on Tuesday, advisor tells @latimes

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California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom will not run for state's open Senate seat next year - @politico

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California, US

California Gov. Jerry Brown releases $164.7-billion budget plan - @latimes

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California, US

Official says California Gov. Jerry Brown plans to unveil record $113 billion state spending plan - @AP

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Barbara Boxer

White House: President Obama says Sen., Barbara Boxer, D-Calif., is 'an institution' who has served California 'with distinction'; 'When she leaves the Senate at the end of this term, she will be missed greatly' - statement

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California, US

California to begin work on nation's first bullet train http://t.co/xZdJDDd0jJ #breaking - @ksbw


California, US

Gov. Jerry Brown takes oath of office to begin his historic 4th term as California governor - @NBCLA

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US immigration reform

Photo: A crowd is seen at the California Department of Motor Vehicles office in San Jose as a new state law goes into effect allowing undocumented residents to get licenses - @NanetteAsimov

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Nevada, US

Update: Highway 95 reopens at Nevada-California border after officials forced to close area due to ice, snow - @KTNV

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Nevada, US

Highway 95 closed between Interstate 40 and the Nevada-California state line because of weather - @8NewsNow

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California drought 2014

NOAA: Drought trimmed slightly in extreme northwest California; still extreme or exceptional drought for much of state - @NOAANCDC

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California, US

Photo: Firefighters in San Bernardino County, Calif., use snowcats to rescue motorists from snow - @SBCOUNTYFIRE

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California, US

Low visibility and high winds reported as firefighters in San Bernardino County, Calif., use snowcats to rescue trapped motorists - @SBCOUNTYFIRE

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