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2016 US elections

Photo: Scenes inside Donald Trump's meeting with House Republicans on Capitol Hill in Washington - @seanspicer


2016 US elections

Donald Trump meeting with Republicans on Capitol Hill in Washington; faces question on appealing to Latino voters - @AlexNBCNews

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US Capitol shooting, March 28, 2016

Report: Capitol shooting suspect is believed to be Tennessee man who was arrested after interrupting US House session last October, authorities tell ABC

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US Capitol shooting, March 28, 2016

Photo: Traffic is blocked along Constitution Avenue in DC, on the north side of Capitol Hill - @mattacklandfox5

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2016 US Supreme Court vacancy

Photo: US Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland meets with Senate Judiciary Member Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., in her Capitol Hill office - @CraigCaplan


2016 US Supreme Court vacancy

Photo: Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, Supreme Court nominee Judge Merrick Garland pose for cameras on Capitol Hill; Garland also met with Sen. Leahy, D-Vt., today - @JordynPhelps

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2016 US Supreme Court vacancy

President Obama says Merrick Garland will travel to Capitol Hill to meet one-on-one with lawmakers starting Thursday

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The White House, Washington, DC, US

White House on lockdown; no information immediately released - @ChadPergram

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Alaska, US

Photo: The US Capitol Christmas tree completes its 4,000 mile journey from the Alaska to Capitol Hill - @lisamurkowski

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Paris attacks, Nov. 13, 2015

Senators to welcome French Ambassador to US to Capitol Hill on Tuesday; aides say senators to be briefed on Paris attacks Wednesday - @ChadPergram

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Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, US

Bomb squad gives all-clear on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, after reports of suspicious vehicle - @ABC7News

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Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, US

#BREAKING PHOTOS FROM SCENE: Suspicious vehicle on Capitol Hill leads to road closures: https://t.co/CVJQcieoCc https://t.co/6mkyTpkC4u - @ABC7News


Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, US

Report of car with possible pressure cooker in 200 block of Pennsylvania Avenue NW in Washington, DC - @wusa9

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'Fight for 15' protests

Photo: Sit-in protest by workers at the US Senate cafeteria calling for $15 minimum wage - @jamieson

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Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, US

Federal Reserve Chair Yellen wraps up her testimony, but will be back on Capitol Hill in a month before the Joint Economic Committee - @WSJCentralBanks


Capitol Hill, Washington, DC, US

Photo: Actor Jeff Bridges poses with Sen. Debbie Stabenow, D-Mich., on Capitol Hill after press conference on ending childhood hunger - @pennstatetom

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Pope Francis' 1st visit to US

Video: Pope Francis is welcomed to US Congress by House Speaker John Boehner - @POLITICOvideo

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September 11 attacks

Jon Stewart to 9/11 first responders gathered for rally to renew health care bill: 'Today on the Hill you will be exposed to possibly toxic levels of bullshit and arrogance' - @SarahMMimms

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September 11 attacks

Photo: Jon Stewart, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-NY, and 9/11 responders rally on Capitol Hill to renew healthcare for 1st responders - @SarahMMimms

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2016 US elections

Photo: GOP presidential candidates Donald Trump and Sen. Ted Cruz embrace on the anti-Iran deal rally in Washington, DC - @JDiamond1

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