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Earthquake: M 5.2 - 20km N of Segong, China


Trump appointments and nominations

Editor's note: The Associated Press, citing an unnamed source close to President-elect Trump's transition team, is reporting that former Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr. may be added to the list of people under consideration for secretary of state. Huntsman, who speaks Mandarin, has previously served as the U.S. Ambassador to both Singapore and China. - Jimmy

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Chifeng, Nei Mongol, China

Update: 32 killed, 149 rescued in coal mine explosion in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region - China Central Television

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Update: At least 17 killed in coal mine blast in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region; 10 remain trapped - Xinhua News Agency

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17 killed, 36 injured in coal mine explosion in Heilongjiang, northern China, Chinese state media say - AP

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China's foreign ministry say it has lodged complaint with US after President-elect Donald Trump spoke to Taiwan's leader in phone call - Reuters

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More: China's foreign minister says call between Taiwan's president and President-elect Trump was 'just a small trick by Taiwan,' Hong Kong's Phoenix TV reports - AP

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China's foreign minister on President-elect Trump's call with Taiwan's leader: 'China firmly opposes any official interaction or military cooperation between the US and Taiwan,' state media reports - NBC News

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21 miners who were trapped for 4 days after explosion hit unlicensed coal mine in Qitaihe, Heilongjiang, China, confirmed dead, state media reports; 4 people arrested in connection with incident - AP

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Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark.: 'I commend President-elect Trump for his conversation with President Tsai Ing-wen, which reaffirms our commitment to the only democracy on Chinese soil' - @ajjaffe

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US Treasury Department says President Obama has issued an order barring China's Fujian Grand Chip Investment Fund from acquiring US business portion of German Aixtron semiconductor company - Reuters

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Editor's note: It is unclear if US President-elect Donald Trump's call with Taiwan's president is the first time a sitting US president or president-elect has spoken with the Taiwanese president since diplomatic ties between the two countries were severed in 1979. The Financial Times reports that it's believed it has not happened since the severance. Some news outlets are reporting that the move could anger China, which claims the island nation as its territory. - Andrew

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Ex-Foxconn senior manager indicted for stealing 5,700 iPhones in China, selling them for $1.56 million - AFP

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Draft law gives Chinese police power to censor internet coverage of natural and man-made disasters - Reuters

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Chinese court retrial finds man innocent 21 years after he was executed; Nie Shubin executed in 1995 for rape and murder in Shijiazhuang - China Central Television

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Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

Victoria, British Columbia, police say they've seized 'major' fentanyl shipment from China - CBC News

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Asian stock markets mostly higher on upbeat factory data from China; Nikkei225 up 2.26%, Hang Seng up 0.70%, KOSPI up 0.22%, SSE Composite up 0.52%, ASX200 up 0.79% - AP, Google Finance

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Report: China setting new rules on overseas yuan loans in fight to curb capital outflows, sources say - Reuters

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Jiangxi, China, scaffolding collapse

Firm responsible for building Jiangxi, China, cooling tower where 74 workers were killed in platform collapse has offered about $175,000 in compensation to each victims' families - AP

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Asian markets cautious as dollar continues retreat; Japan's Nikkei down 0.2%, Australia's ASX up 0.2%, Shanghai Composite, Hong Kong's Hang Seng both down 0.1% - Financial Times