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Alzheimer's disease

#SilverAlert: Ana Rivera, F/H/66, w/ Alzheimer's, diabetes & asthma from 185th St & Prospect Ave, BX. Seen? call 911 https://t.co/B6UBsrxmeo - @NotifyNYC


Major League Baseball

MLB Hall of Famer Lou Brock has had left leg amputated just below the knee due to infection related to diabetic condition - @SInow

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Doctors' group calls on Australian government to bring diabetic pregnant asylum seeker from immigration detention camp on Nauru to Australia to give birth - @AP

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Google's medical research unit is teaming with Sanofi SA to innovate diabetes treatment - @WSJD

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Philadelphia, PA

#BREAKING: Police searching for missing 10-year-old diabetic boy from Feltonville: http://t.co/JOIg5DBEQl http://t.co/Ar3PIvDht3 - @NBCPhiladelphia


Boehringer Ingelheim

Eli Lilly's stock surges after after drug maker and Boehringer Ingelheim report positive test results for their diabetes treatment - @MarketWatch

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CVS Pharmacy

IBM uses supercomputer Watson in partnership with CVS to predict customers' risk for chronic illnesses such as diabetes - @verge

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Augusta, SC, Italy

Police in Sicily arrest 3 Egyptian smugglers from boat where 10-year-old diabetic girl died - @AP

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United States

FDA warns newer class of type 2 diabetes drugs could cause dangerously high levels of blood acids - @Reuters

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New York, NY

#SilverAlert: Pedro Sanabria M/H/72 w/dementia, high blood pressure, diabetes, 164th St & Cauldwell Ave, BX. Call 911 http://t.co/X8j8UMJlkF - @NotifyNYC


Apple March 9, 2015, event

Photo: 1st apps made with Apple's new ResearchKit target Parkinson's, diabetes, Parkinson's, cardiovascular disease, asthma, breast cancer - @JMBooyah

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Damon Wayans

#Breaking: Damon Wayans cancels multiple tour stops after suffering diabetes-related emergency http://t.co/vZtMC7tmTa http://t.co/wmZNjFAFfj - @TMZ



#SilverAlert: Whitfield Dawson M/B/87, 5'7" 140lb w/dementia, diabetes & high blood pressure. E 217 St BX. Call 9-1-1 http://t.co/0MU7rwthuq - @NotifyNYC


Arizona, US

Navajo Nation Council approves tax on junk food sold on country's largest reservation, in Arizona - @denverpost

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Winter Haven, FL

#BREAKING- Silver Alert issued for Winter Haven man, diabetic suffers from dementia. RETWEET http://t.co/74Z11CUGEG http://t.co/HPzlM8YnrS - @WFLA


Saudi Arabia

Over 20,000 obesity-related deaths in Saudi Arabia annually, Saudi Diabetes and Endocrine Association says - @saudi_gazette

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Novartis, Google team on lens for diabetes, farsightedness - @USATODAY

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Minnesota, US

#SilverAlert: Jennie Batista F/H/88 w/dementia/diabetes/hi blood pressure. Last seen E96 St/Park Ave, MN. Call 911. http://t.co/ANFegNdEOD - @NotifyNYC



#SilverAlert: Damei Liang F/A/72 w/dementia, diabetes, from 83rd St & 5th Ave, BK. Seen? Call 911 http://t.co/uMdXjB2noL - @NotifyNYC


Food and Drug Administration

FDA approves long-delayed inhalable diabetes drug Afrezza - @latimes

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