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Fresno, CA, US

1 injured after electronic cigarette explodes on Fresno, Calif., bus, fire officials say - ABC30

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Fresno, CA, US

#BREAKING: E-Cig battery explodes in man's pocket while riding a FAX bus. He's at the hospital now. https://t.co/WssBfEexQs - @KMPHFOX26


Indianapolis, IN, US

American Airlines flight from Dallas to Indianapolis grounded in Little Rock, Ark., due to malfunctioning e-cigarette - WISH TV

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electronic cigarettes

Philip Morris submits application to FDA for electronically heated tobacco product - MarketWatch

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Rutherford County, TN, US

Tennessee Comptroller's Office: Rutherford County Sheriff Robert Arnold broke laws pertaining to sale of e-cigarettes to inmates - Tennessean


Alfred Olango fatally shot by El Cajon, Calif., police

Photo: El Cajon, Calif., police chief holds up vape smoking device similar to the one police say Alfred Olango aimed at officers - CBSLA

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Alfred Olango fatally shot by El Cajon, Calif., police

Man shot and killed by police in El Cajon, Calif., pointed a vape smoking device at officer, police say

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electronic cigarettes

Electronic cigarettes have sickened rising numbers of young children, new study of US poison center calls finds - AP

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FDA proposes e-cigarette rules

US health officials say they are still looking at issues of e-cigarette flavors and future regulation - Reuters

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FDA proposes e-cigarette rules

More: New FDA rule on e-cigarettes would ban sales of product to teens under 18; rule also covers pipe and hookah tobacco - Washington Post

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FDA proposes e-cigarette rules

US federal officials announce final e-cigarette rule that nearly bans them; e-cigarettes will now be regulated same way as tobacco cigarettes - USA Today

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California, US

California Gov. Jerry Brown signs bills to raise smoking age to 21, restrict e-cigarettes - Los Angeles Times

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European Union

European Court of Justice rules EU-wide prohibition on menthol cigarettes, special electronic cigarette rules are lawful



UK's Royal College of Physicians says e-cigarettes 'much safer' than smoking tobacco, likely a benefit to public health

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Brockton, MA, US

2 students in Brockton, Mass., hospitalized after ingesting e-cigarette liquid - WHDH

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Ontario, Canada

Ontario to ban e-cigarette and medical marijuana users from smoking or vaporizing in places where smoking is prohibited - Canadian Press

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air travel

US Department of Transportation bans use of electronic cigarettes on all flights - USA Today

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air travel

US Dept. of Transportation explicitly bans use of electronic cigarettes on commercial flights - Reuters

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Ontario, Canada

New Ontario law bans sale of e-cigarettes to people under 19 - @AP

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electronic cigarettes

Teens increasingly turning to e-cigarette devices to inhale marijuana, study finds - @ABC

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