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Laquan McDonald shot by Chicago police

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Laquan McDonald: 'The loss of so many young African Americans taken too soon should reaffirm our commitment to press forward for progress' - @JesseLehrich

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2016 US elections

Iowa poll: Hillary Clinton maintains a lead over Bernie Sanders, but likely caucus-goers believe Sanders is best candidate for economy, new Quinnipiac University survey finds - @CNNPolitics

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Brazil Petrobras corruption scandal

BTG Pactual, whose CEO André Esteves was arrested in graft probe, donated 16.8 million realis ($4.4 million) during 2014 elections; 9.5 million reali ($2.5 million) to Dilma Rousseff - @em_com


2016 US elections

Donald Trump campaign requires media to have bathroom escorts at his rallies when leaving media holding area, not allowed to leave while Trump is in room - @KatyTurNBC

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RT @BeauMinnick: #BREAKING State Elections Board Chair Josh Howard announces he will step down at end of year. #ncpol @WNCN - @WNCN


Turkish general election, Nov. 2015

Turkey PM announces new cabinet, Erdogan's son-in-law named energy minister - @AFP

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2016 US elections

Poll: GOP presidential candidate Ted Cruz surges to statistical tie for 1st place in new Iowa survey - @thehill

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Fight against Islamic State militants

2 bombs explode at hotel housing election judges in Egypt's Al Arish, at least 1 person killed, state TV reports - @Reuters

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2016 US elections

Photo: Someone collapses at Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders' event in Atlanta; appears to have recovered - @CDLR_CBS46

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2016 US elections

Donald Trump on alleged celebration of 9/11 in Jersey City: 'I saw. I saw on television, and I read about on the internet ... I start getting phone calls in my office by the hundreds that they were there and saw it take place' - @ZekeJMiller

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2016 US elections

Photo: Protesters outside GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump rally in Columbus, Ohio - @Nathan10TV

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2016 US elections

Gawker offers to pay for video that GOP candidate Donald Trump claims would show thousands of people cheering in Jersey City, NJ, during Sept. 11 attacks - @Gawker

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Parliament of Australia

Former Australian small business minister Bruce Billson to quit politics at the next election - @abcnews


2016 US elections

GOP candidate Ben Carson's campaign says Carson was thinking of Middle East protests when he said he 'saw the film' of American Muslims cheering on Sept. 11; he apologizes for mistake - @KFaulders

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2016 US elections

NBC has come to agreement with John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, James Gilmore and Lindsey Graham on FCC equal-time requests - @DylanByers

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2016 US elections

GOP candidate Ben Carson claims he 'saw the film' of American Muslims cheering as the towers fell on Sept. 11 - @KFaulders

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2016 US elections

Alabama 'Black Lives Matter' protesters removed for interrupting a Donald Trump rally will not face criminal charges; neither will rally-goers who attacked them, authorities say - @washingtonpost

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2016 US elections

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said she is concerned about proposed Pfizer-Allergan merger - @ReutersBiz

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2016 US elections

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton says she is concerned about merger of Pfizer, Allergan; says 'we cannot delay in cracking down on inversions that erode our tax base' - @Reuters

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2016 US elections

Iron Workers International Union endorses Hillary Clinton for president - @TheIronworkers

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