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2016 US elections

President-elect Trump: Hacking of US Democrats during campaign could have been 'somebody else' other than Russia; 'I know things that other people don't know' - Reuters

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President-elect Trump, asked whether he would meet with the president of Taiwan if she travels to the US, says 'we'll see' - Reuters

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DR Congo political standoff

Government and opposition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo sign deal setting political transition, new elections - RFI

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French President Hollande warns against risks of rising nationalism in his last New Year address - Reuters

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Memphis, TN, US

#Breaking: Rep. Steve Cohen has announced he will run for re-election in 2018. https://t.co/vgPZVphhqt - @3onyourside


2016 US elections

Editor's note: President-elect Donald Trump's tweet praising Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to not respond to new U.S. sanctions comes a day after he said it was time for the U.S. to "move on to bigger and better things." On Thursday, the Obama administration announced measures against Russia in response to cyberattacks during the presidential election. Putin responded by condemning the sanctions but said Russia will not retaliate. U.S. federal intelligence agencies have reported Russia was behind the wave of cyberattacks that shook up the presidential election, Politico notes, but some members of Trump's team have said the media and the Democratic Party's discussions of the attacks are efforts to delegitimize his incoming administration. Trump has said he would meet with intelligence officials next week "in order to be updated on the facts of this situation." - Stephanie

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2016 US elections

North Carolina judge temporarily blocks GOP-backed law that strips power from Gov.-elect Roy Cooper - WCNC

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DR Congo political standoff

DR Congo's President Joseph Kabila to step down after elections to be held before end of 2017 under deal struck by political parties, Catholic Church mediator says - Reuters

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2016 US elections

President-elect Trump responds to Russian President Putin saying he won't expel US diplomats; says 'Great move on delay ... I always knew he was very smart'

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More: NC Governor-elect Roy Cooper says in statement that new law limiting his election powers 'is unconstitutional and anything but bipartisan' - AP

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Nigerian Senate postpones debate on controversial Election Amendment Bill to Jan. 5 - Citizen Digital

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2016 US elections

US Sen. John McCain sets hearing for probe into possible Russian hacking of US election for Thursday in Washington, DC - NBC News

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More: Russian President Vladimir Putin says in statement that US steps to expel Russian diplomats in US are 'provocative' and says 'Russia has reasons to respond in kind' - NBC News

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2016 US elections

Russian foreign minister Sergei Lavrov says allegations that Russia interfered in the US election are 'baseless' - @SkyNewsBreak

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2016 US elections

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., on Russia sanctions: 'Putin has become so emboldened that he authorized the harassment of US personnel in Russia and attempted to undermine American democracy by meddling in our election. I welcome the measures taken today to check Russian aggression and look forward to working with congressional leaders from both parties in the months ahead to strengthen these penalties, thoroughly investigate Russian efforts to undermine the U.S., and ensure that Putin and his cronies are held accountable for their actions'

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2016 US elections

President-elect Trump aide Kellyanne Conway on Russian sanctions: 'Even those who are sympathetic to President Obama on most issues are saying that part of the reason he did this today was to quote "box in" President-elect Trump... That is not the way that peaceful exchanges work in this democracy' - CNN

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2016 US elections

Report: Senior intelligence officials says President-elect Trump was first briefed on Russian involvement starting in mid-August; team has since received extensive intelligence on matter - NBC News

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2016 US elections

Report: President-elect Trump's camp was fully briefed beforehand about Russian sanctions and expulsions, senior intelligence official says - NBC News

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2016 US elections

FBI and DHS analysis blaming Russian spy agencies for US election hacks - via Reuters

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2016 US elections

Russian authorities order closure of Anglo-American School of Moscow in response to sanctions, US official says - CNN

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