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US pledges $97 million to combat Ethiopia's drought brought on by El Nino - AP

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Drought threatens malnourished children in Ethiopia; UN secretary-general to visit stricken areas on Sunday - AP

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Dozens of Ethiopian and Somali migrants die in the waters off the breakaway Somalia region of Somaliland - @Reuters

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US military drone program

US shuts down its drone operation base in southern Ethiopia, American official says - @AP

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Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan sign new Grand Renaissance Dam agreement - @ReutersAfrica

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At least 75 killed by police and military forces in Ethiopia protests, activists say - @HRW

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More child marriage in drought-hit Ethiopia with risk of "full-blown disaster"


Israel Defense Forces

Israeli Justice Ministry accuses defense forces of discriminating against Ethiopian-Israelis - @Jerusalem_Post

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In Ethiopia, millions face weather-related food shortages, aid group says



Kenya and Ethiopia vow to turn conflict-ridden border into trade hub



Ethiopia needs major health support to stop devastation from El Niño - @WHO

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World Health Organization

Ethiopian housemaid settles suit against World Health Organization's Thailand representative and his wife over alleged beating and enslavement - @TR_Foundation

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Addis Ababa, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Ethiopian authorities arrest Sudanese man for allegedly attacking an Israeli on an Ethiopian Airlines flight from N'Djamena to Addis Ababa - @TimesofIsrael

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More than 20 killed, dozens from both sides injured after Al Shabaab fighters attack base in Garasweyne, Ethiopia, regional officials say - @HarunMaruf

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European migrant crisis

Ethiopian court charges 2 men with human smuggling - @AP

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Republic of South Sudan violence

Photo: Riek Machar, South Sudan opposition leader signs the peace agreement in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - @PSCU_Digital

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17 Muslim activists given lengthy prison sentences in Ethiopia - @Reuters

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Obama visits Africa, July 2015

President Obama: 'Nations cannot realize the full promise of independence until they fully protect the rights of their people ... more work will need to be done if Ethiopia is to be a full-fledged and sustainable democracy'

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Obama visits Africa, July 2015

Photo: President Obama touches 'Lucy' during Ethiopia trip; Lucy is estimated to have lived 3.2 million years ago in Ethiopia - @dougmillsnyt

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Obama visits Africa, July 2015

President Obama says 'I don't bite my tongue' in urging Ethiopia to promote more democracy, but says he does so out of respect - @ArletteSaenz

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