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Report: Facebook lays off editorial staff of 15 to 18 workers on trending topics team, to be replaced with engineers who monitor algorithm, sources tell Quartz

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Facebook says editors won't write trending topic descriptions anymore, instead will use algorithms - Recode

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United Kingdom

UK privacy regulator says to monitor WhatsApp's data sharing with Facebook under new privacy policy - Reuters

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UK's Information Commissioner's Office says it is 'looking into' changes to WhatsApp's privacy policy - PA



WhatsApp to start sharing user data with Facebook to provide 'better friend suggestions,' 'more relevant ads' - Verge

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Memphis, TN, US

#Breaking: MPD investigating Facebook Live sexual incident https://t.co/sbeBqESPSX - @3onyourside



Memphis police investigate alleged Facebook Live broadcast of underage sex - WMC

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United States Federal Reserve System

US Federal Reserve Board launches Facebook page

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Omaha, NE, US

#BREAKING: OPD: Officer's Facebook post about the Black Lives Matter movement violated department policy. More: https://t.co/lubpRdx2aU - @WOWT6News


Jackson, MS, US

UPDATE: Officer fired after dirty flirting video posted to Facebook https://t.co/FP5BzBOMYR #Breaking https://t.co/hN2t5m7RO5 - @16WAPTNews


2016 US elections

In statement on Facebook, GOP nominee Donald Trump pledges to 'reject bigotry and hatred and oppression in all its forms'

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Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Lawmakers in St. Vincent and the Grenadine considering legislation to allow prison sentences of up to 2 years for online defamation - AP

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Barack Obama

White House announces citizens can now send notes to President Obama through Facebook Messenger

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Portugal wildfires, August 2016

Facebook activates emergency Safety Check for people in Madeira, Portugal to let friends know they are safe

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Abdelaziz Bouteflika

Algerian court upholds 2-year prison sentence for journalist for insulting President Abdelaziz Bouteflika on his Facebook page - AP

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Facebook to force ads to appear for users of desktop site, even if ad-blocking software is enabled - Wall Street Journal

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Facebook says its further changed its algorithm to penalize, hide links it deems clickbait

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Norfolk, VA, US

US Marshals arrest man linked to Norfolk, Va., triple shooting captured on Facebook Live - WVEC

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Beech Grove, IN, US

City of Beech Grove, Ind., reaches settlement with 2 women who claimed their posts were banned from city's Facebook page - WTHR



Facebook opens hardware lab research facility as part of long-term plans on smart phone connectivity, virtual reality - AP