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Cabot, AR, US

WalMart in Cabot, Ark., evacuated after fire breaks out, fire official says; fire quickly extinguished and no report of injuries - @THV11


San Jose, CA, US

#DEVELOPING Firefighters battling grass fire in San Jose near Quimby Rd & E Capitol Ex. WATCH LIVE --> http://t.co/NUmmWNhLYz - @nbcbayarea


San Jose, CA, US

#BREAKING: Crews responding to brush fire burning in field near Eastridge Mall in San Jose. - @abc7newsBayArea


David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport, Klein, TX, US

Photo: Major fire in private hangar at David Wayne Hooks Memorial Airport northwest of Houston - @NatashaOnTV

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Jackson, MO, US

#BREAKING: The Central Jackson County Fire Department is battling a fire on the 700 Block of SW. 30th Street. http://t.co/aEIwUsL9cG - @41ActionNews


Central Fresno, Fresno, CA, US

#BREAKINGNEWS Fire erupts at Central Fresno apartment complex http://t.co/qqtwhMl5dc - @ABC30


Louisville, KY, US

#BREAKING: Crews battling two-house fire in Parkland: http://t.co/Ys5Ie71j4M #wave3news http://t.co/yLzNhrYqP3 - @wave3news


La Porte, TX, US

#BREAKING Two dead in early-morning house fire in La Porte http://t.co/jBVYboAU5S - @abc13houston


Detroit tanker fire, May 2015

Photo: Smoke rises across Detroit's skyline from tanker fire on Interstate 375 ramp - @shargreaves

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Detroit tanker fire, May 2015

Video: Thick black smoke rises from reported tanker fire in Detroit - @ShawnLeyLive

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Detroit tanker fire, May 2015

Editor's note: There are reports of a large fire, possibly a tanker, close to downtown Detroit. Photos show black smoke over the skyline. No confirmed information on the location or cause, yet. We'll update as it comes in. - David

End of note

Cleveland officer 2012 voluntary manslaughter case

3-alarm fire burning in Cleveland is not related to ongoing protests, police say - @CLEpolice

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Cleveland, OH, US

Photo: Cleveland firefighters battling apartment blaze - @fox8news

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Harrisburg, PA, US

#BREAKING: Silver Spring Twp Police say Christine Leach has been located in Harrisburg. She's accused of setting local man on fire. - @fox43


Boston Road, Springfield, MA, US

RT @SMAlvaranga: #BREAKING Crews are on scene of a fire on Boston Rd. in Springfield http://t.co/LltHgvOZ7S @SFD_HQ @WMassNews http://t.co/… - @WMassNews


Arlington, VA, US

Photo: Bus fire in Arlington, Va.; no report of injuries, fire officials say - @LNBeyak

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San Jose, CA, US

Photo: 3-alarm brush fire in hills of San Jose, Calif.; firefighters responding to scene - @nbcbayarea

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Hoboken, NJ, US

2-alarm fire burning in Hoboken, NJ, building; flames visible from across Hudson River - @ABC7NY

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St. Lucie, FL, US

Photo: Large fire at Liberty Tire Recycling in St Lucie County, Fla.; Firefighters say fire is currently under control - @JuanDwptv

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Los Angeles, CA, US

#Developing: 1/2 acre #brushfire in Kagel Canyon said to have "moderate rate of spread": http://t.co/bJtPoF1iLa http://t.co/QqajqhRBvi - @CBSLA