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Goodland, KS, US

Photo: Tornado-warned storm seen outside of Goodland, Kan. - @ScottLongmore


Goodland, KS, US

A record high temperature has been set in Goodland, Kan., today at 82 degrees; this also sets a new record high for the month of February - NWS Goodland

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Edson, KS, US

Radar depicting thunderstorms producing 50 to 55 mph wind gusts between Edson, Kan., and Goodland, Kan., on Interstate-70 - @breakingweather

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Severe storms hit US Midwest, Plains, June 13-15, 2014

Photo: Hail larger than eggs falls in Goodland, Kan. - @KWCH12

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Severe storms hit US Midwest, Plains, June 13-15, 2014

75 mph wind gusts and quarter-sized hail reported near Goodland, Kan., National Weather Service spotter says - @breakingweather

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Severe weather outbreak in US Great Plains, Midwest, East, June 3-8, 2014

Wind gusts up to 70 mph reported in Goodland, Kan., according to an NWS observation - @breakingweather


Snowstorm hits large part of US, March 2013

14 inches of snow now reported on the ground in Goodland, Kansas, as snowstorm moves into Great Plains - @weatherchannel

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