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Anonymous Google product manager files lawsuit alleging the company unlawfully censors employees by imposing sweeping confidentiality policies - Wall Street Journal

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Orlando gay nightclub attack

Families of 3 Orlando nightclub shooting victims sue Facebook, Twitter and Google; argue platforms provided Islamic State accounts used to 'attract new recruits,' lawsuit states - Fox News

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driverless cars

Google executive Krafcik, in charge of self-driving car unit, says company will be renamed Waymo, a 'self-driving tech company with mission to make it safe for people and things to get around - @marcodellacava

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Report: Google parent company Alphabet no longer developing its own driverless car, instead to partner with automakers on more conventional vehicles - The Information, The Verge

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Google signs internet deal with Cuba's telecommunications monopoly - Reuters

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virtual reality

Acer, Google, HTC Vive, Oculus, Samsung, and Sony Interactive Entertainment announce creation of non-profit Global Virtual Reality Association

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Google launches location-sharing app to allow users to share with trusted contacts that they are safe in emergencies - Venture Beat

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More than 1 million Google accounts hit by malicious apps since August, security firm says - Wall Street Journal

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Google says location data reveals in-store foot traffic for all businesses increased 65% on Black Friday compared to November average - Venture Beat

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2016 US elections

Image: Google Maps showing New York City's Trump Tower as 'Dump Tower' - The Hill

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South Korea

South Korea, citing security concerns, rejects Google's request to take government mapping data out of the country - Reuters

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More: Google official says it told Chinese company Adups to remove surveillance ability from phones that run services like Google Play; this would not include devices in China, where Google doesn't operate - New York Times

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Report: Security contractors discover preinstalled software in some Android phones that monitors user data - New York Times

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London, England, United Kingdom

Google could add 3,000 UK jobs by 2020, double office space at new London headquarters, CEO Sundar Pichai says - BBC News

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Google says it is working on policy update to restrict ads on fake news sites - Reuters

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Google EU antitrust probe

Google responds to EU antitrust suit, says Android has not blocked competition, points to open source nature of operating system - Ars Technica

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YouTube launches VR app for Google's DayDream View headset - CNET

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Google EU antitrust probe

Google disputes EU's claim it favors its own services in shopping results, says allegations lack evidence and would harm users - Bloomberg News

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Google's Daydream virtual reality headset to be released Nov. 10 - Fast Company

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YouTube strikes deal with German royalty-collection group Gema to pay licensing fees, unblock music videos after years-long legal battle - Bloomberg

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