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Google's search chief Amit Singhal is retiring - Business Insider

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YouTube announces premiere of 4 original shows on Feb, 10 - CNBC

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2016 US elections

Image: Google says Ted Cruz is the top searched candidate in Iowa today for the GOP when paired with phrase 'How to caucus for' - @GoogleTrends

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Apple Inc.

Google shares up 8% after earnings, putting company ahead of Apple in market cap - MarketWatch

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Google parent Alphabet reports earnings of $8.67 a share vs estimates of $8.10; revenues of $21.33 billion vs estimates of $20.77 billion - CNBC

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Alphabet, Google's parent company, just passed Apple to become the stock market's most valuable company - CNN

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2016 US elections

Graph: Google searches for Republican presidential hopeful Jim Gilmore are up 700% during the early GOP debate - Google Trends

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Italy claims over 200 million euros in unpaid tax from Google, judicial source says - AFP

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artificial Intelligence

Google AI program beats European champion of board game 'Go' - BBC

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Google says it has shipped 5 million Cardboard virtual reality devices - Google

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United Kingdom

Google agrees to pay $185 million in back taxes after 'open audit' of its accounts by UK tax authorities - @BBCBreaking

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Chicago O'Hare International Airport, Chicago, IL, US

Photo: United flight from San Francisco slides off runway at Chicago O'Hare; Google's Don Dodge on board, says 'everyone is OK' - @DonDodge

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Google paid Apple $1 billion in revenue for placement on mobile devices in 2014, court transcripts show - Bloomberg

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Google says it blocked 780 million 'bad ads' in 2015, up 50% from year prior - VentureBeat

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Buckingham Palace, London, England, United Kingdom

Buckingham Palace is 1st UK landmark to offer schools a virtual field trip using Google Expeditions - British Monarchy

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Google Chrome

Google readies new compression algorithm to make web browsing in Chrome faster - Gizmodo

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Film studio Relativity Media scores investment of undisclosed amount from Google boss Eric Schmidt's venture capital fund - The Hollywood Reporter

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Graph: As record Powerball drawing nears, Google reports more searches for 'lucky numbers' than at any time in Google history - @GoogleTrends

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California, US

Google reports to California 13 near-miss incidents with its self-driving cars over the last 14 months - @WSJD

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Google to form dedicated division for virtual reality computing, with CEO Sundar Pichai moving over a key deputy to run it, per sources - @Recode

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