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2016 US elections

Report: More than half of those who met Hillary Clinton as Cabinet secretary gave money to Clinton Foundation - AP

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Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, CA, US

Hillary Clinton's arrival at Justin Timberlake & Jessica Biel's Hollywood Hills home for a big campaign fundraiser. https://twitter.com/ABC7Brandi/status/768154193223835648/video/1 - @ABC7Brandi


2016 US elections

Hillary Clinton jokes about health rumors during Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance: 'Back in October, the National Enquirer said I'd be dead in six months. So with every breath I take I feel like it's a new lease on life' - NBC News

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Hillary Clinton email controversy

State Department reviewing nearly 15,000 previously undisclosed emails recovered as part of FBI's investigation into Hillary Clinton's use of private home server - AP

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Hillary Clinton email controversy

Clinton documents numbering '10s of thousands' found in FBI email probe to be released by US State Department starting sometime in October - Washington Post

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2016 US elections

Donald Trump calls for Clinton Foundation to be shut down immediately, says it is 'the most corrupt enterprise in political history'

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2016 US elections

Justin Timberlake to step in to host Hillary Clinton fundraiser on Tuesday in place of Leonardo DiCaprio, source says - People

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2016 US elections

Hillary Clinton's super PAC says it raised $9.3 million in July - USA Today

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2016 US elections

Donald Trump, during Dimondale, Mich., rally, says 'no group has been more harmed by Hillary Clinton's policies than the African Americans,' makes pitch to black voters

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Hillary Clinton email controversy

Judge rules Hillary Clinton must answer written questions from group that filed lawsuit over her private email server - NBC News

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2016 US elections

Statement: Hillary Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook says resignation of Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort 'doesn't end the odd bromance Trump has with Putin' - @ABCPolitics

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Flooding in Louisiana and Mississippi, Aug. 2016

Hillary Clinton after phone call with Louisiana Gov. John Bel Edwards: 'The relief effort can't afford any distractions,' best way to help is ensuring residents have resources they need

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2016 US elections

Hillary Clinton's campaign responds to Donald Trump saying he 'regrets' some things said during campaign: 'Donald Trump literally started his campaign by insulting people... That apology tonight is simply a well-written phrase until he tells us which of his many offensive, bullying and divisive comments he regrets - and changes his tune altogether' - @sahilkapur

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2016 US elections

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump to appear on primetime 'commander in chief' forum on NBC and MSNBC on Sept. 7; Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America to host event

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2016 US elections

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus on reports Clinton Foundation will stop accepting foreign and corporate donations if Hillary Clinton elected president: 'Now that they have admitted there is a problem, the Clinton Foundation should immediately cease accepting foreign donations and return every penny ever taken from other countries, several of which have atrocious human rights records and ties to terrorism. The fact that the Clinton Foundation and its entities continue to accept foreign donations while Hillary Clinton runs for the White House is a massive, ongoing conflict of interest that gets bigger by the day.'

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2016 US elections

Clinton Foundation says if Hillary Clinton elected president, it will no longer accept foreign and corporate donations - AP

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2016 US elections

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton meets in New York with top law enforcement officers, says 'we have to be clear-eyed about the challenges we face' - Washington Post

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2016 US elections

#Breaking: Dallas' @SheriffLupe among police leaders meeting with @HillaryClinton today https://t.co/AwcF8R0bC3 https://t.co/k5Bh8K0zYa - @dallasnews


2016 US elections

Photo: NYPD Commissioner Bill Bratton arrives at John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York for meeting with Hillary Clinton - @ABCLiz

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2016 US elections

Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump transition teams working out of same building in Washington, DC - Washington Post

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