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Philippines President Duterte says he would 'gladly' face trial at the International Criminal Court and go to prison if need be - @journotopia

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Rwandan Genocide

Canada extradites Rwandan ex-officer to face genocide charges - BBC

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Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte says he may follow Russia's step to withdraw from International Criminal Court - Reuters

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More: Russian Foreign Ministry says International Criminal Court fails to meet expectations and to become genuinely independent, authoritative body of international justice - Interfax

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Russia's Putin accepts Justice Ministry's proposal that Russia refuses to participate in Rome statute of International Criminal Court - Interfax

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War in Afghanistan (2001–2014)

Editor's note: International Criminal Court prosecutors said Monday that U.S. military forces and the CIA may have committed war crimes in Afghanistan, according to a preliminary probe. Prosecutors say they will decide "imminently" whether to seek authorization to open a full-scale investigation, AP reports. While the U.S. is not a member of the court, American citizens can face prosecution if they commit crimes in a member country, like Afghanistan. - Stephanie

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War in Afghanistan (2001–2014)

More: International Criminal Court chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda says US military, CIA may have committed war crimes in Afghanistan through the 'cruel and violent' interrogation of detainees mostly between 2003-2004 - AFP

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War in Afghanistan (2001–2014)

International Criminal Court prosecutor believes US troops may have committed war crimes in Afghanistan and inside secret CIA detention facilities - @annaholligan (Clarified)

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2 parties within the Republic of Congo's ruling coalition petition the government to withdraw from the International Criminal Court - CCTV Africa



Burundi foreign ministry official says official notice sent to UN announcing plans to quit International Criminal Court - Reuters

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The Gambia

Gambia announces withdrawal from International Criminal Court, accusing it of seeking only to prosecute Africans - Reuters

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South Africa

South Africa's main opposition party files papers with Constitutional Court to challenge government's decision to pull out of International Criminal Court - Reuters

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South Africa

UN confirms receipt of South Africa's withdrawal from International Criminal Court, to take effect Oct. 19, 2017 - Reuters

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South Africa

Withdrawl from International Criminal Court will allow South Africa to give diplomatic immunity for heads of state who may be wanted for human rights abuses, minister says - Reuters

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South Africa

South Africa to withdraw from the Hague-based International Criminal Court, local media reports say - AFP

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South Africa

Editor's note: Reuters, citing a signed document seen by the news agency, is reporting that South Africa is withdrawing from the International Criminal Court. A spokesman for the United Nations declined to confirm receipt of the document, Reuters reports. - Jimmy

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International Criminal Court

International Criminal Court convicts former Congo vice president of corruptly influencing witnesses - AP

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International Criminal Court

UN human rights chief says, 'We are very alarmed about the trajectory the country is taking,' after Burundi lawmakers vote to withdraw from International Criminal Court - AP

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Burundi unrest 2015-16

Burundi lawmakers vote overwhelmingly to withdraw from International Criminal Court - AP

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Syrian Civil War

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon urging UN Security Council to refer Syria situation to International Criminal Court - AP

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