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Turkey journalism arrests, December 2014

Photo: Crowds supporting Turkish newspaper protest as police arrest editor - @csagir2015

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Francis I

Pope Francis in Turkey praying with Istanbul's Grand Mufti Rahmi Yaran in the Blue Mosque - @humeyra_pamuk

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Francis I

Pope Francis prays alongside Islamic cleric in Istanbul's Blue Mosque in gesture of inter-religious harmony - @Reuters

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Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan tells audience at a women's conference in Istanbul that women cannot be treated as equal to men, accuses feminists of rejecting motherhood - @BBCWorld

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crime & courts

A Serbian fan is killed in Istanbul before Euroleague basketball game in Istanbul - @Reuters

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US military's European Command asks troops in Europe told to keep a low profile after attack in Istanbul - @CBSNews

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Turkey anti-government protests

12 Turkish nationalists released after attack on US sailors in Istanbul - @Reuters

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Turkey anti-government protests

Turkish Embassy officials say 12 people were taken into custody after assault on US sailors in Istanbul - @NBCNews

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Turkey anti-government protests

Editor's note: This video shows U.S. Navy sailors being assaulted by an activist group during a stop in Istanbul, Turkey. The U.S. Embassy in Turkey has condemned the attack, saying it has "no doubt the vast majority of Turks would join us in rejecting an action that so disrespects Turkey’s reputation for hospitality." - Aaron

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Turkey anti-government protests

3 US Navy sailors assaulted, plastic bags put over their heads by political activists during a stop in Istanbul, Turkey, officials confirm - @USEmbassyTurkey, @CNN

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Boat sinks off Istanbul, November 2014

At least 24 dead, scores missing after boat said to be carrying migrants sinks off Istanbul, officials say - @BBCNews

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Islamic State threat in Iraq, Syria

Photo: Peaceful protesters march in Istanbul with a sign that reads: 'Kobane will be the graveyard of [the Islamic State],' as part of demonstrations in solidarity with the beseiged Syrian city - @velvetart

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Istanbul, Istanbul, TR

German and Belgian consulates in Istanbul also received suspicious packages containing yellow powder Friday; several people from Canadian and Belgian missions hospitalized - @NBCNews

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Istanbul, Istanbul, TR

US consulate general in Istanbul was 1 of several diplomatic buildings there to receive an envelope containing suspicious powder Friday, State Department Spokesperson Jen Psaki confirms - @NBCNews

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Istanbul, Istanbul, TR

Photo: The Canadian Consulate in Istanbul is seen after being evacuated when a suspicious yellow powder was found in a package; Turkey's disaster response agency said 1 person came into direct contact with the substance - @CBCNews

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Istanbul, Istanbul, TR

Photo: Istanbul's Halkalı Customs' 5-story warehouse engulfed in flames - @wellsla

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Istanbul, Istanbul, TR

Video: Large fire burns at Istanbul warehouse sending smoke and flames billowing into air - @Haberturk

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Istanbul, Istanbul, TR

Editor's note: We're seeing some reports of an explosion in Istanbul, Turkey. We'll continue monitoring the situation and look for verification. - Jimmy

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FIBA Basketball World Cup

US women's basketball team beats France, winning World Championships quarterfinal 94-72 - @NBCSports

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Iraq crisis

New York Times correspondent injured in helicopter crash in Kurdistan dictates account of events from hospital bed in Istanbul - @Alissanyt

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