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Turkey-Syria tensions

Asian stocks seen lower after Turkey shot down Russian warplane; Japan, Hong Kong, Australian stocks all fell 0.5% - @Reuters

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Japan completes first launch of a commercial satellite - @The_Japan_News

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Asian stocks edge lower on Wall Street caution; Japan's Nikkei down 0.1%, Australian shares fell 0.5% - @FinancialTimes

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Yasukuni Shrine, Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, JP

Explosion damages toilet at Japan's controversial war memorial shrine, local Kyodo news agency reports - @cctvnews

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Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Preliminary magnitude 4.9 earthquake strikes 78 miles north-east of Tokyo - @USGS

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Saumlaki, Maluku, Indonesia

Preliminary magnitude 6.1 earthquake shakes northwest of Saumlaki, Indonesia - @USGS

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Preliminary magnitude 4.8 earthquake strikes east of Japan's Bonin Islands - @USGS

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Roanoke, VA

Photo: Roanoke, Va., Mayor David Bowers says he didn't expect his statement on Japanese-American interment camps and Syrian refugees to go viral, apologizes - @Annie_Andersen

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Preliminary magnitude 5.5 earthquake strikes southeast of Japan's Bonin Islands - @USGS

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East Asian coastal nations vow joint effort for sustainable sea development - @YonhapNews

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Magnitude 4.8 earthquake strikes off the coast of Fukushima, Japan - JMA

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Paris attacks, Nov. 13, 2015

Japan to speed up creation of unit dedicated to gathering intelligence about terror attacks after deadly assaults in Paris, official says - @Reuters

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IAAF doping, corruption investigations

Russian runner Viktor Ugarov disqualified after winning marathon in Japan while Russian Federation is suspended - @jellingworth

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South China Sea dispute

China slams Japan's Shinzo Abe for alleged 'groundless accusations' in country's South China Sea island building - @ChinaDailyUSA

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Energy, airline shares lead Asia's stock rebound; China stocks up 0.3%, Japan's Nikkei leaps 1.2% - @CNBC



Japan's economy contracted 0.8% in the 3rd quarter, the 2nd consecutive quarterly decline - @WSJbreakingnews

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G20 Summit 2015

Japan to beef up security measures in wake of Paris attack, prime minister's spokesman says at G20 - @DailyStarLeb

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Map: Tsunami advisories are issued for portions of southwestern Japan, including the Tanegashima, Yakushima areas after offshore 7.0 quake - @weatherchannel

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7.0 earthquake reported off southern Japan; Pacific-wide tsunami is 'not expected' - @NWS_NTWC

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Editor's note: Seeing reports of an earthquake off southern Japan. - Tom

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