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Rolls-Royce CEO Warren East said a problem found by ANA Holdings in Rolls engines used to power Japanese airline's 787 Dreamliner aircraft was 'manageable issue' - Reuters


Honshu, Japan

Typhoon Lionrock poised to sweep across northern Honshu, Japan, with maximum wind gusts around 100mph - @bbcweather


Typhoon Lionrock (2016)

Toyota suspends production for 2 shifts at plants in Iwate and Miyagi prefectures in Japan ahead of Typhoon Lionrock - Bloomberg

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Typhoon Lionrock (2016)

Update: Typhoon Lionrock may make landfall in Japan as early as Monday night - IBT

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Earthquake: M 4.6 - Kuril Islands


Hokkaido Prefecture, Japan

South Korean group places several memorial stones on Japan's Hokkaido to remember Korean victims of forced labor during Japanese colonial rule - Yonhap News

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Typhoon Lionrock (2016)

Photo: Satellite imagery of Typhoon Lionrock in the western Pacific; storm currently located south of Kyoto, Japan - @NWSOPC

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Typhoon Lionrock (2016)

Typhoon Lionrock expected to make landfall on Japan's northern Honshu Island on Tuesday, bringing heavy rainfall, damaging winds, and storm surge, forecasters say - AccuWeather

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Bank of Japan

Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda says recent inflation dip may show expectations not yet anchored - Reuters

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Japan pledges £10billion to Africa over 3 years, wants continent to be permanent member of UN Security Council by 2023 - @CapitalFMKenya

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European Union

Dollar hits 2-week high versus yen, 10-day high versus euro; now up more than 1% - Reuters

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Fight against Islamic State militants

Russia are offering Japan to join their humanitarian operation in Aleppo, Syria - Reuters

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Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta welcomes Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe ahead of the 6th Tokyo International Conference on African Development - @NTVnewsroom

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Sources: Apple planning iPhone for Japan with tap-to-pay for mass-transit rides - Bloomberg

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Japan's All Nippon Airways reports problem with engine of a Boeing 787; some cancellations - Kyodo

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New Japanese ambassador to South Korea vows to 'faithfully' implement WWII 'comfort women' deal - Yonhap News Agency

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Asian stocks slip, taking their cue from a drop on Wall Street; indexes in Australia, South Korea and Japan are all down - Reuters

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rail industry

Japan's US ambassador says his country has authorized $2 million to support a feasibility study on building a high-speed train between Baltimore and Washington - AP

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North Korea military threats after UN sanctions

US, Japan request UN Security Council meet on North Korea missile launch - AFP

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Police announce first 'Pokemon Go'-related death as person is run over by distracted driver in Japan's Tokushima prefecture - Japan Times

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