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Manhattan, New York, NY, US

Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara to meet with Donald Trump on Wednesday, Bharara's spokeswoman says - Reuters

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Manhattan, New York, NY, US

Man with gun arrested after threatening woman on No. 2 train in Manhattan, police say - WCBS

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2016 US elections

Photo: Anti-Trump protesters from Queens, NY, gather in Manhattan - @JesseJDRubin

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2016 US elections

Video: Protesters who marched from Queens, NY, arrive at Trump Tower in Manhattan and chant 'we reject the racist-elect' - @MeganRDouglas

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Nephews of Venezuelan first lady arrested

New York jury convicts 2 nephews of Venezuela's first lady of charges they conspired to send drugs to the United States - AP

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Explosions in NJ, NYC, September 2016

Justice Department: New York, New Jersey bombing suspect indicted in Manhattan federal court for executing bombing and attempted bombing in NYC - GMA

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NSA surveillance programs leaked

Report: NSA operated top-secret surveillance program out of AT&T building in New York, documents obtained by The Intercept indicate

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Oceanport, NJ, US

Body found in Oceanport, NJ, believed to be missing Stamford, Conn., man last seen in Manhattan, law enforcement sources say - WNBC

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2016 US elections

Photo: New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio arrives at Trump Tower to meet with Donald Trump - @ABC7NY

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2016 US elections

Photo: NYPD barricade area around Trump Tower in Manhattan - @KeeganNYC

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2016 US elections

Photo: Anti-Donald Trump protesters march in Manhattan's Union Square - @almequina

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Explosions in NJ, NYC, September 2016

New York and New Jersey bombing suspect Ahmad Rahami to make his 1st court appearance in Manhattan on Thursday - New York Times

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2016 US elections

Photo: Anti-Donald Trump protesters chant 'Not my president' as they march through 6th Avenue in Manhattan - @MaddowBlog

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2016 US elections

Editor's note: The FAA has released a temporary flight restriction for midtown New York City, parts of western Queens and western Brooklyn that applies to all aircraft below 2,999 feet, according to NBC News. No helicopter or fixed-wing aircraft may enter the area unless they are arriving or departing from various heliports in Manhattan or are law enforcement or emergency aircraft. NBC News reports the area is centered above Trump Tower, on Fifth Avenue and East 57th Street, due to Donald Trump's presence in the building. The restriction is in effect until Jan. 21, 2017. - Rebecca

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2016 US elections

Hillary Clinton's motorcade has departed her home in Chappaqua, NY, en route to Manhattan, where she will watch results - @SabrinaSiddiqui

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2016 US elections

Video: Scene outside Manhattan's PS 59 as Donald Trump, wife Melania, arrive to vote - @NoahGrayCNN

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Eliot Spitzer

Russian woman charged with extorting $400,000 from ex-New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer pleaded not guilty in Manhattan court - Daily News

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Brooklyn, New York, NY, US

All lanes closed on Williamsburg Bridge after man found dead, causing delays commuting into Manhattan - WABC

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Inwood, New York, NY, US

Man with screwdriver attacks 26-year-old woman in her Manhattan apartment, police say - NBC New York

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Powder incident at NYC's Metropolitan Opera, Oct. 29, 2016

NYPD: 'We don't believe at this point we see any criminal intent' in powder incident at Metropolitan Opera

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