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Oklahoma, US

Enough signatures gathered in Oklahoma for a ballot measure dealing with legalizing medical marijuana - KOCO

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Memphis, TN, US

#BREAKING Decriminalization of marijuana ordinance passes city council committee https://t.co/CnswaMipjc https://t.co/dUmEoxVNLb - @3onyourside


Broome County, NY, US

RT @PSBABorrelli: #Breaking: Aalim Shabazz pleads guilty to conspiring to sell marijuana, carrying gun during drug sales in #BroomeCounty. - @pressconnects


Irvine, CA, US

Police: Former Oakland Raiders quarterback Todd Marinovich found naked with marijuana in a residential area of Irvine, Calif. - Orange County Register

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University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, US

5 Notre Dame football players arrested in Fulton County, Indiana; charged with marijuana possession and 3 charged with possession of handgun without a license - @BpopeTV

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Arizona, US

Bid to remove marijuana legalization measure from Arizona ballot rejected by Maricopa County judge - Republic

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Nashville, TN, US

Nashville marijuana decriminalization bill survives first vote - Tennessean

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Residents in Naivasha, Kenya, storm police station to protest the arrest of an assistant chief for allegedly peddling an edible cannabis - Citizen Digital

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United Kingdom

UK's National Health Service testing marijuana-based medical product for first time - The Independent

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Canadian medical marijuana patients can grow 'limited amount' of cannabis at home under new laws - CBC News

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Chesterfield, VA, US

Police: Trucker hauling 131 pounds of marijuana arrested in Chesterfield https://t.co/e5X4Hknngz via @cbs6 #breaking https://t.co/VzuBZC9sWS - @CBS6


Drug Enforcement Administration

More: Marijuana will remain a Schedule I substance under Controlled Substance Act, according to DEA; substances in category determined by FDA to have no medical use - USA Today

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United States

Marijuana to remain illegal under federal law, US Drug Enforcement Administration says - USA Today

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United States

US Drug Enforcement Administration says it will publish response to congressional petition to reschedule marijuana in Federal Register on Thursday morning - MarketWatch

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Arizona, US

#BREAKING It's official: Recreational marijuana question will appear on Arizona ballot as Prop. 205 https://t.co/hqpVSVqPk4 - @azcentral


Nashville, TN, US

#BREAKING Nashville to consider decriminalization of small amounts of marijuana https://t.co/neRF2rFZhV https://t.co/kDV5PIGYdT - @Tennessean


Pueblo, CO, US

#BREAKING Pueblo voters to decide future of recreational marijuana https://t.co/tqQPOOXuCn - @KKTV11News



Police investigating burglary discover nearly 2,400 cannabis plants in Ancona, France - France Info

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crime & courts

2 consultants who advised a Native American tribe on plans to open the US's 1st marijuana resort have been charged with drug offenses - AP

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Illinois, US

Illinois state official says Ill. Gov. Bruce Rauner has approved bill making small amount of marijuana possession punishable with fines instead of jail - AP

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