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Bronx house explosion, Sept. 27, 2016

NYPD commissioner says police had received information 1 week ago about possible marijuana grow operation on Bronx block where house exploded

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Keith Lamont Scott shot by Charlotte, NC, police

Charlotte Police Chief Kerr Putney: 'When you're in possession of marijuana and in possession of a gun, that is a public safety issue' - @wcnc

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Keith Lamont Scott shot by Charlotte, NC, police

Charlotte police chief says officers were drawn to Keith Lamont Scott's vehicle by presence of marijuana - @NickOchsnerWBTV

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Phoenix Police Department

Phoenix police chief: 3 officers resign after forcing suspect to eat marijuana after traffic stop; 1 demoted - ABC 15, @marcfox10

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Phoenix, AZ, US

#BREAKING: 4 Phoenix officers under investigation after forcing man to eat marijuana https://t.co/ssC7MssL6X #abc15 https://t.co/hfxgiHE5M4 - @abc15


Nashville, TN, US

Nashville passes marijuana decriminalization measure by 35-3 vote - Tennessean

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Farmington, AR, US

Farmington Schools aide arrested on delivery of marijuana charge https://t.co/lOR1FAKmuy #breaking - @4029news


Indianapolis, IN, US

#BREAKING: Two IPS assistant coaches arrested for dealing, possession of marijuana -- https://t.co/kSFVdynTct https://t.co/eBBdb4SOJi - @WISH_TV


Dayton, OH, US

#BREAKING: New facts in Kettering shooting near AlterFest-second victim, bag of marijuana found according to KPD. https://t.co/4NPaat56Po - @whiotv


Nashville, TN, US

Nashville marijuana decriminalization effort advances in Metro Council on voice vote - Tennessean

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Oklahoma City, OK, US

Oklahoma City attorney sues Attorney General Scott Pruitt over medical marijuana petition - KOCO

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Beaverton, OR, US

Police seize 240 marijuana plants from backyard of Beaverton, Ore., home - KGW

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Arizona Supreme Court ruling confirms voter initiative legalizing recreational marijuana will be on the November ballot - AP

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gun control

US court rules ban on gun sales to medical marijuana cardholders does not violate 2nd Amendment - AP

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Oklahoma, US

Enough signatures gathered in Oklahoma for a ballot measure dealing with legalizing medical marijuana - KOCO

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Memphis, TN, US

#BREAKING Decriminalization of marijuana ordinance passes city council committee https://t.co/CnswaMipjc https://t.co/dUmEoxVNLb - @3onyourside


Broome County, NY, US

RT @PSBABorrelli: #Breaking: Aalim Shabazz pleads guilty to conspiring to sell marijuana, carrying gun during drug sales in #BroomeCounty. - @pressconnects


Irvine, CA, US

Police: Former Oakland Raiders quarterback Todd Marinovich found naked with marijuana in a residential area of Irvine, Calif. - Orange County Register

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University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN, US

5 Notre Dame football players arrested in Fulton County, Indiana; charged with marijuana possession and 3 charged with possession of handgun without a license - @BpopeTV

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Bid to remove marijuana legalization measure from Arizona ballot rejected by Maricopa County judge - Republic

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