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California, US

Editor's note: In its report on the new state law regulating medical marijuana, the Mercury News notes that California was the first state in the nation to permit medical uses in 1996. However, the Compassionate Use Act 'offered little guidance about how sick patients should obtain prescriptions and what the state should do to keep the drug off the streets.' - Tom

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California, US

Calif. Gov. Jerry Brown signs bills to regulate state's medical marijuana industry - @mercnews

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Montgomery County, AL

Multi-million dollar marijuana drug bust happening now in Montgomery County: http://t.co/z5D9ubfSTP #breaking #hounews #abc13 - @abc13houston


Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Ottawa, Ontario, police seize $1 million worth of marijuana plants in outdoor grow-op bust - @CBCOttawa

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Oregon, US

Oregon marijuana shops begin sales to recreational users, marking big day for budding industry - @AP

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Spokane, WA

RT @patrickerickson: #BREAKING: @SpokanePD investigating an armed robbery outside a marijuana shop near Mission and Ruby. @KHQLocalNews htt… - @KHQLocalNews


Spokane, WA

RT @ScottMalone91: #BREAKING: @SpokanePD investigating armed robbery outside of marijuana shop. 2nd robbery in area in last few days. http:… - @KHQLocalNews


Compton, CA

2 men found dead at marijuana dispensary in Compton, Calif., police say - @KTLA

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Widnes, England, United Kingdom

Cannabis farm worth up to £700,000 ($1.07 million) busted in Widnes, England - @WidnesRuncornWN

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Caribbean Sea

US Coast Guard says it seized cocaine and marijuana worth an estimated $11.8 million in the Caribbean Sea - @AFP

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New York, NY

10 arrested, 80 locations raided in New York City's largest crackdown on synthetic marijuana - @NBCNewYork

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Washington state marijuana law

Suquamish Tribe signs nation's first Marijuana Compact allowing for production, processing and sale of marijuana on tribal land. - @KING5Seattle

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Colorado marijuana law

Colorado tax quirk forces the state to suspend new marijuana taxes for a day on Sept. 16 - @AP

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electronic cigarettes

Teens increasingly turning to e-cigarette devices to inhale marijuana, study finds - @ABC

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Antioch, Nashville, TN

#BREAKING 3 apprehended in shooting death of Antioch teen; Police seize 4 guns, container filled with marijuana http://t.co/024cx9uN5I - @Tennessean



Photo: Record seizure of cannabis in eastern Spain - @guardiacivil

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Christian Taylor shot by Arlington, Texas, police

Medical examiner's office says unarmed teen who was shot and killed by Arlington, Texas, police officer was under the influence marijuana, psychedelic drug - @NBCDFW

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Albania says it has seized 500,000 marijuana plans in major crackdown - @AP

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Nashville, TN

#BREAKING Nashville area youth football coach arrested after marijuana grow http://t.co/ppP5kSOalX - @Tennessean


Oregon, US

State says Portland's mobile medical marijuana cart illegal - @AP

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