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Pentagon awards Microsoft $927 million contract for technical support, consulting services to support Department of Defense - CNBC

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Microsoft buys LinkedIn

Microsoft announces it has finalized $26.2 billion LinkedIn purchase - MarketWatch

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Microsoft buys LinkedIn

Salesforce on Microsoft buyout of LinkedIn: 'Given Microsoft's history and existing monopolies, it will be necessary for antitrust enforcement agencies to be vigilant to ensure that Microsoft operates in a manner that promotes competition, rather than stifles it.' - Business Insider

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Microsoft buys LinkedIn

Update: EU, in LinkedIn merger approval, says Microsoft must allow rival networking sites access to Office programs for next 5 years - Wall Street Journal

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Microsoft buys LinkedIn

EU approves Microsoft buyout of LinkedIn with conditions - AFP

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Severe storms hit US Southeast, Nov. 30, 2016

Photo: Microsoft office in southwestern Charlotte damaged by apparent tornado - @jruss71

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Microsoft buys LinkedIn

Sources: Microsoft offers concessions to European Union in bid to win approval of its $26 billion acquisition of LinkedIn - WSJ

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Microsoft buys LinkedIn

Microsoft proposes EU antritrust concessions that would allow rival professional social networks access to its Outlook programs - Wall Street Journal

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Microsoft buys LinkedIn

Microsoft offers concessions to EU antitrust regulators over its $26 billion LinkedIn bid, European Commission says - Reuters

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artificial Intelligence

Microsoft and OpenAI, Elon Musk's artificial intelligence research group, strike partnership for large-scale experiments - Bloomberg

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Microsoft announces its largest purchase of wind energy from projects in Kansas and Wyoming, bringing total energy it uses from wind to more than 500 megawatts - Venture Beat

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Microsoft releases security patch for Windows flaw exploited by hackers - ZDNet

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Brazilian government planning massive procurement of Microsoft products in effort to standardize its software - ZD Net

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Microsoft officially announces Teams, a new work chat app for its Office 365 suite across PCs, smartphones and tablets - Business Insider

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Editor's note: The NBC News story on Russia's effort to banish Microsoft said the company has been targeted 'because it is the biggest American name in information technology and because it's easy to convince Russians that the company works with the US intelligence community.' - Tom

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US official: Russian President Putin backs plan to banish Microsoft from government offices, state companies - NBC News

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Microsoft says hacking group previously linked to Russian government is exploiting Windows flaw; says patch for flaw will be released Nov. 8 - Reuters

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Microsoft announces all-in-one desktop PC called the Surface Studio; features 28-inch touchscreen display - Business Insider

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Microsoft's new Surface Book i7 boasts upgrades, including 16-hour battery life - Ars Technica

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Microsoft partnering with HP, Dell, Lenovo, Asus and Acer on VR headsets for Windows 10 update; prices start at $299 - TechCrunch

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