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Montgomery, AL, US

Montgomery, Ala., police officer indicted for February slaying - WSFA

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Veterans Day

Video: Marching band plays during Veterans Day parade in downtown Montgomery, Ala. - @wsfa12news

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Montgomery, AL, US

Photo: Wildfire burns along Interstate-65 near Montgomery, Ala. - @MeaganPurser55

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Montgomery, AL, US

Large grass fire near I65 at Edgemont. Expect delays. https://twitter.com/WSFA12DESK/status/785958622656237568/photo/1 - @WSFA12DESK


Montgomery, AL, US

Heavy rains moving back north into Montgomery, Ala.; some minor flooding may occur through 11 pm CT - NWS Birmingham

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Montgomery, AL, US

Photo: Heavy rain in Montgomery, Ala. - @VernonWSFA


Susannah Mushatt Jones

Susannah Mushatt Jones, world's oldest person, dies in Brooklyn at age 116; Jones was born near Montgomery, Ala., in 1899 (corrected) - NBC New York

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Severe weather outbreak in southern US plains, April 29-30, 2016

Alabama Power reports 19,000 outages statewide: 12,500 in Birmingham area; 2,500 in Tuscaloosa area; 2,000 in Anniston area; 2,000 in Montgomery area

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Storms across US South, April 2016

Video: Heavy rain flooding streets in Montgomery. Ala. - @Ryan_Stinnett


Montgomery, AL, US

Montgomery, Ala., police officer who fatally shot Gregory Gunn is arrested charged with murder - AL.com

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Uber regulatory challenges

Montgomery, Ala., City Council approves ordinance allowing Uber - @yawn_meister

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US South severe weather, December 2015

1,340 customers in Prattville, Ala., 1,545 customers in Montgomery are without power due to storms, utility reports - @wsfa12weather

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2016 US elections

Photo: Inside Montgomery, Ala., historic Dexter Avenue Baptist Church on the 60th anniversary of the city's bus boycott, where Hillary Clinton is to speak - @ABCLiz

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Montgomery, AL, US

Wind gust now up to 40 mph at Montgomery Airport. - @NWSBirmingham

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Montgomery, AL, US

Photo: Lightning strikes during severe thunderstorm in Montgomery, Ala. - @JoshWeather

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Montgomery, AL, US

Photo: Thunderstorms bring heavy rain to Montgomery, Ala. - @VernonWSFA


Confederate flag debate

Photo: The Sons of Confederate Veterans rally at the Confederate Memorial outside the Alabama State Capitol - @WSFA12DESK

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Hospitals treated 86 sick kids with similar symptoms in Montgomery, Ala., prompting outbreak worries; children were served food from same kitchen - @cnnbrk

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Confederate flag debate

Photo: 1 of 4 Confederate flags around a monument at the Alabama state Capitol is removed following governor's executive order - @WSFA_MelissaJ

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Confederate flag debate

Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley orders removal of Confederate flag from memorial on state Capitol grounds - @aldotcom

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