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Griffith Observatory, Los Angeles, CA, US

Photo: Partial solar eclipse seen from Los Angeles' Griffith Observatory - @NASA live broadcast

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Photo: Hurricane Gonzalo as it churns in the Atlantic Ocean, as seen from the International Space Station - @NASA

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International Space Station

Photo: Astronauts back in the International Space station after a 6 hours, 34 minute spacewalk - @NASA

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NASA satellite passes over Cyclone Hudhud, now expected to intensify and peak around 100 knots before landfall near Visakhapatnam, India - @NASA

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'Blood Moon' lunar eclipse, October 2014

Photo: 'Blood Moon' seen as red and orange light is scattered by the atmosphere - @NASA

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International Space Station

Photo: Astronauts Reid Wiseman and Alexander Gerst work outside International Space Station; Space X Dragon is in the upper left - @NASA

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA resumes routine maintenance outside the International Space Station for 1st time in more than a year - @NASA

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Sierra Nevada Space Systems files protest with GAO over loss of NASA space-taxi contract - @denverpost

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International Space Station

NASA confirms Soyuz spacecraft successfully docked with International Space Station at 10:11pm ET - @NASA

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Live video: Soyuz spacecraft from the Baikonur Cosmodrome set to dock with International Space Station crew - @NASA

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Bill Clinton

Photo: Former President Bill Clinton, with astronaut Cady Coleman, talks with astronaut Reid Wiseman aboard the International Space Station during the Clinton Global Initiative 2014 session - @NASA

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Pacific Northwest, US

Photo: NASA satellite shows storm carrying hurricane-force winds in Pacific approaching Northwest - @BuzzFeedStorm

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NASA MAVEN Mars mission

Unmanned spacecraft MAVEN completes planned burn to enter orbit around Mars, NASA says - @NASA

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NASA MAVEN Mars mission

Photo: NASA's unmanned spacecraft MAVEN in 33-minute planned burn to enter orbit of Mars - @NASA

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NASA MAVEN Mars mission

Live video: NASA's unmanned spacecraft MAVEN prepares to enter the orbit of Mars - @MAVEN2Mars

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SpaceX rocket to International Space Station being fueled for 1:52 am ET launch, NASA says - @breakingweather

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA chooses Boeing, SpaceX to transport US astronauts to ISS; contracts worth a total of $6.8 billion - @BloombergTV, @latimesbiz

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NASA to make announcement on human spaceflight launches at 4 pm ET - @NASA

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NASA's watchdog office criticizes asteroid-hunting program; says efforts are not well-integrated, lack proper oversight - @NBCNews

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Photo: Soyuz aircraft carrying 3 astronauts from International Space Station lands in Kazakhstan - @NASA

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