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European Space Agency ExoMars probe mission

GIF: NASA images suggest missing European Mars probe was destroyed on impact - Reuters

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The White House, Washington, DC, US

Photo: President Obama meets with NASA Astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly; exploration of Mars was on the agenda for the talk - @justinsink

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International Space Station

International Space Station crew expands to 6 after 3 astronauts complete boarding from Soyuz hatch

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International Space Station

3 crew members begin opening Soyuz hatch to International Space Station, where they will stay for 4-month mission

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Juno spacecraft orbits Jupiter, July 4, 2016

NASA's David Schurr says Juno spacecraft went into safe mode Tuesday night, did not carry out science observations planned for today's pass above Jupiter - @jeff_foust

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Wallops Flight Facility Airport, Wallops Island, VA, US

Video: Antares rocket launches from Wallops Island, Va. - @wxbrad

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Wallops Flight Facility Airport, Wallops Island, VA, US

Rocket blasts off on 1st space station supply run from Virginia's Wallops Flight Facility in 2 years - AP

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Hurricane Nicole (2016)

Photo: Eye of Hurricane Nicole as captured by NASA's Aqua satellite - @chrisdolcewx

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Hurricane Nicole (2016)

Hurricane Nicole delays Orbital ATK's unmanned cargo supply mission to International Space Station to no earlier than Sunday - Space.com

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Hurricane Matthew (2016)

NASA reports mostly minor damage to Kennedy Space Center following Hurricane Matthew including damage to office building roof and parked cars - AP

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Hurricane Matthew (2016)

Satellite imagery shows Hurricane Matthew's clouds streaming over Florida as it regained Category 4 strength - @NASA

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NASA and Orbital ATK officials set Oct. 13 as Cygnus spacecraft cargo mission launch date

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

NASA's Hubble Space Telescope spots possible water plumes on Jupiter's moon Europa - NASA

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Sen. Bill Nelson, D-Fla.: We just passed the NASA bill in the Commerce Committee. We are going to Mars - @DSenFloor

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Tropical Storm Lisa (2016)

Photo: A NASA satellite image of Tropical Storm Lisa in the Atlantic - @NASAHurricane

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NASA says Sept. 23 launch of Soyuz MS-02 spacecraft, set to bring 3 astronauts to International Space Station, postponed for technical reasons

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Buzz Aldrin

Photo: Buzz Aldrin salutes an indoor assembly at a ceremony to rename Mount Hebron Middle School to Buzz Aldrin Middle School in Montclair, NJ - @MontclairTimes

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Buzz Aldrin

Middle school in Montclair, NJ, renamed in honor of NASA astronaut Buzz Aldrin - Montclair Times

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Report: Sony picks up competitive rights to NASA astronaut Scott Kelly's upcoming memoir on spending a year in space - Hollywood Reporter

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Video: NASA's OSIRIS-Rex spacecraft continues on its journey after successful launch from Florida - NASA

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