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Charles Bolden

NASA Administrator Charles Bolden on the death of John Glenn: 'We mourn this tremendous loss for our nation and the world' - ABC

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John Glenn

Editor's note: John Glenn, who died earlier today at age 95, became the first American to orbit the Earth, in a 1962 flight aboard NASA's Friendship 7 capsule. The former World War II fighter pilot orbited the Earth three times. He later served as a US senator for Ohio for 24 years. Glenn was the last survivor of the original Mercury 7 astronauts. - Tom

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John Glenn

We are saddened by the loss of Sen. John Glenn, the first American to orbit Earth. A true American hero. Godspeed,... https://twitter.com/i/web/status/806960800669794305 - @NASA

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Columbus, OH, US

Ohio State University President Michael V. Drake on death of John Glenn: 'Senator Glenn was a decorated U.S. Marine aviator, legendary NASA astronaut, tireless public servant, and an unparalleled supporter of The John Glenn College of Public Affairs at Ohio State, where he served actively as an adjunct professor until just recently. He was an authentic hero whose courage, integrity, sacrifice and achievements inspired people, young and old, around the world'

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Plane carrying Buzz Aldrin from Antarctica after medical evacuation has reached Christchurch, New Zealand, NSF says - NBC News

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NASA says anomaly occurred during 3rd stage operation of Russian Progress cargo craft launch in Kazakhstan; supplies aboard International Space Station at 'good levels'

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NASA says Russians investigating inconsistent telemetry data from their Progress cargo ship, which launched at 9:51 am ET

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NOAA says since its Saturday launch, GOES-R weather satellite has transitioned to 'orbit raising' phase, proceeding to geostationary orbit

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International Space Station

Video: Crew members inside Soyuz capsule that docked earlier open hatches, welcomed aboard International Space Station - @Space_Station

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Atlas V

Video: NOAA's GOES-R weather satellite lifts off from Kennedy Space Center in Florida - @NOAASatellites

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Atlas V

Atlas V carrying NOAA's GOES-R weather satellite launches from NASA's Kennedy Space Center

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Atlas V

NASA says technical issue that delayed launch of Atlas V now resolved, new launch time for GOES-R weather satellite targeted for 6:42 pm ET

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Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, FL, US

More: Launch clock to be adjusted in 5 minute intervals as team works out the anomaly on Atlas V rocket - @NOAASatellites

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Cape Canaveral, FL, US

Photo: Crowd awaits launch of NOAA's GOES-R weather satellite from Cape Canaveral, Fla. - @NOAASatellites

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International Space Station

Soyuz capsule carrying 3 astronauts docks with the International Space Station - @Space_Station

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International Space Station

Photo: Soyuz capsule carrying Peggy Whitson of NASA, Oleg Novitskiy of Roscosmos and Thomas Pesquet of ESA, approaching the International Space Station - @esaspaceflight

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Soyuz space capsule blasts off for International Space Station, carrying American, Russian and French astronauts - AP

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Photo: NASA posts photo of 'Supermoon' rising behind rocket to be used by International Space Station crew for Nov. 17 launch

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Editor's note: Tonight's supermoon will is the closest full moon since 1948, according to NASA. There won't be another supermoon this close until 2034. - Jillian

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International Space Station

Astronauts on Soyuz spacecraft have closed hatches; scheduled to undock from International Space Station at 8:37 pm ET - @Space_Station

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