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International Space Station

Russia has no plans to deliver US astronauts to International Space Station after 2018, Roscosmos chief says - TASS

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Next SpaceX 9th commercial cargo resupply mission targeted for mid-July, NASA announces

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Los Angeles, CA

Photo: NASA's shuttle tanker ET-94 crossing over the 405 Freeway in Los Angeles - @ShorealoneFilms

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California Science Center, Los Angeles, CA

Photo: NASA space shuttle fuel tank ET-94 as it is moved from Marina del Rey to the California Science Center in Exposition Park - @kimbrunhuber

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Pleasantdale Elementary School, West Orange, NJ

Video: Students cheer for NASA astronauts Scott and Mark Kelly, who will have their alma mater of Pleasantdale Elementary School in New Jersey named after them - @tariqjmalik

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Pleasantdale Elementary School, West Orange, NJ

Photo: Astronaut Scott Kelly poses with students from Pleasantdale Elementary School in NJ, which is being renamed Thursday in honor of Kelly and his twin, astronaut Mark Kelly - @StationCDRKelly

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global warming

New NASA temperature data shows April was the warmest ever recorded - NASAGISS

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Kepler (spacecraft)

NASA says Kepler health check is good, likely will run out of fuel in summer 2018 - @AstroAnarchy


Kepler (spacecraft)

NASA Kepler mission will closeout its remaining planet analyses in September 2017, with a final report of its observations in October 2017 - NASA Kepler

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Kepler (spacecraft)

Of the newly validated exoplanets discovered by NASA Kepler mission, 9 reside in habitable zone - NASA Kepler

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Kepler (spacecraft)

Graph: Ordered by size, the number of known planets jumps to more than 3,200 after NASA Kepler mission verifies 1,284 new exoplanets (in orange) - @NASAKepler

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Kepler (spacecraft)

More than 100 of the new planets found by NASA Kepler mission are 1.2 times the size of Earth, and almost certainly rocky worlds - @b0yle

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Kepler (spacecraft)

More: NASA says announcement of 1,284 newly validated planets found by Kepler mission is most exoplanets announced at one time - NASA Kepler

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Kepler (spacecraft)

NASA announces 1,284 new planets found by Kepler mission, bringing Kepler count to 2,325 - NASA Kepler

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University of Houston, Houston, TX

University of Houston says NASA astronaut Scott Kelly will deliver commencement speech on May 14 - ABC13 Houston


air industry

NASA launches program to create new generation of X-planes fueled by greener energy - TechCrunch

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NASA: Kepler spacecraft recovered from 'anomalous' emergency mode

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NASA says its Kepler spacecraft, which searches for habitable planets, has gone into emergency mode - CNN

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SpaceX rocket ocean landing attempts

President Obama: 'Congrats SpaceX on landing a rocket at sea. It's because of innovators like you and NASA that America continues to lead in space exploration' - @POTUS

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SpaceX rocket ocean landing attempts

NASA: 'Congrats to the SpaceX team and Elon Musk! Way to stick the landing and send Dragon to Space Station'

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