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air travel

Photo: New crew of 3 astronauts in Soyuz rocket on the way to orbit for trip to International Space Station - @NASA

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Photo: New image released by NASA of dwarf planet Ceres, showing a crater with steep, smooth walls - @NASA

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Photo: NASA says Orion test launch sticks landing, is a success - @NASA_Orion

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

#BREAKING ASU to build, lead NASA moon-orbiter mission. http://t.co/FYIQ0MMu2O http://t.co/ee83AZPtSS - @azcentral


Chelan, Wash., wildfires, August 2015

Photo: NASA satellite captures image of smoke from fires burning in western United States - @NOAASatellites

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Typhoon Atsani an intensifying Category 4 tropical storm in northwest Pacific, with potential to turn into a 'super-typhoon,' NASA finds - @NASAHurricane

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Chelan, Wash., wildfires, August 2015

Photo: Fires in US Pacific Northwest as seen from NASA's Aqua satellite - @NASA_EO

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Stennis Space Center, MS

Photo: Onlookers view NASA test of engine for deep space rocket at Stennis Space Center in Mississippi - @NASA

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Pacific Ocean

Photo: NASA satellites capture Tropical Depression Molave as it spins down in northwestern Pacific Ocean - @NASA

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Photo: Typhoon Soudelor as seen by NASA satellites - @NASAGoddardPix

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Global precipitation measurement satellite captures 3-D image of Typhoon Soudelor - @NASAHurricane

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Tropical Storm Guillermo expected to weaken to a depression by Thursday night or Friday morning - @NASAHurricane



NASA releases video from deep space satellite showing moon moving in front of the Earth - YouTube's NASA

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Detroit, MI

Photo: NASA view of summer's algae bloom in Lake St. Clair - @EricWFMJ

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Hampton, VA

Video: NASA crashes small plane in Hampton, Va., to test the performance of onboard emergency locator transmitter systems - bigwi11ystyle on Instagram

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National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Astronaut Stephen Frick, who flew space shuttle Atlantis in 2002 and 2008, retires from NASA - @NASA_Astronauts

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Photo: NASA has just released this photo of activity at the Klyuchevskoy volcano in eastern Russia, shot by an astronaut aboard the ISS - @wxbrad

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More: Flowing ices found on Pluto are similar to Earth's glacial flow - @NASANewHorizons

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Bill McKinnon, co-investigator on New Horizons, on new Pluto data: 'We have evidence for geological activity in Sputnik Planum. It's a dream come true!' - @NASANewHorizons

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Video: NASA releases video of a flyover Pluto's icy plains - @NASANewHorizons

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