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2016 US elections

Sen. Bernie Sanders to appear on 'Saturday Night Live' with host Larry David on Feb. 6 - @maryaliceparks

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National Football League

NFL reaches deal with CBS and NBC for Thursday Night Football; fees will be roughly $450 million, per Dow Jones - CNBC

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2016 US elections

Republican National Committee severs ties with NBC News for Feb. 25 Super Tuesday debate; to partner with CNN - CNN

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'Friends' cast to reunite for February TV special saluting sitcom director James Burrows - @MichaelAusiello

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Jim Simpson, retired NBC sportscaster, died Tuesday night in Scottsdale, Ariz., at age 88 - @NBCNews

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NBC cancels 'The Meredith Vieira Show' - @TVLine

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Willard Scott

Rockefeller Plaza renamed 'Willard Scott Way' in honor of retiring veteran broadcaster - @NBCNightlyNews

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2016 US elections

NBC has come to agreement with John Kasich, Mike Huckabee, James Gilmore and Lindsey Graham on FCC equal-time requests - @DylanByers

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Charlie Sheen to make 'revealing personal announcement' during interview with Matt Lauer on NBC's 'Today' show Tuesday morning, show says - @TODAYshow

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2016 US elections

Video: Anti-Trump protesters chanting outside NBC studios in New York ahead of Donald Trump's hosting Saturday Night Live - @AshAgony

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2016 US elections

Photo: Protester wearing sombrero and holding Donald Trump piñata at NBC's headquarters in New York calling for NBC and Saturday Night Live to dump Trump from hosting SNL tonight - @Manning_FoxNews

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2016 US elections

Photo: Donald Trump preparing to shoot a promo for 'Saturday Night Live' - @realDonaldTrump

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2016 US elections

Spokesman says NBC accidentally posted wrong video link with Saturday Night Live promos; 3 of the videos are not for air, including video of Donald Trump calling Ben Carson a 'real loser' - @PeterAlexander

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2016 US elections

Statement: NBC News says Republican Party's decision not to partner with NBC on debates is 'disappointing development' - @NBCNewsPR

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2016 US elections

Republican National Committee Chair Reince Priebus tells NBC party won't partner with NBC on February 26 debate, saying CNBC debate this week 'was conducted in bad faith' - @Reince

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Simon Cowell will be a judge on next season of 'America's Got Talent' - @TODAYshow

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Paul Ryan elected as US House speaker

House Speaker John Boehner no longer appearing on 'Tonight Show' Thursday night, NBC says - @kyletblaine

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2016 US elections

NBC News sends Hillary Clinton's campaign letter objecting to use of network footage in online advertisement - @politico

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Bill Cosby sexual assault allegations

NBC's 'Dateline' to air interview with 27 of Bill Cosby's accusers on Oct. 9 - @NBCNewsPR

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Arnold Schwarzenegger thanks well-wishers on Twitter after the announcement he'll host "Celebrity Apprentice": 'Im blown away and honored by all your tweets. I can't wait to bring my experience to the board room & raise millions for charity.' - @Schwarzenegger

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