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New Mexico, US

#BREAKING: Fatal helicopter crash reported in eastern New Mexico: http://t.co/P42FzlNYXF http://t.co/b1oWJe3WCM - @KOATLiveUpdates


New Mexico, US

Shot of boys involved with #NM #AmberAlert released: http://t.co/8IgVKNSVUz http://t.co/tEqq7YHTns - @KOATLiveUpdates


New Mexico, US

Amber alert issued for 8-year-old, 6-month-old hold in New Mexico's San Miguel County - @KOATLiveUpdates

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Unaccompanied minors at US southern border

Group of about 40 undocumented immigrants, including children, deported to Honduras from US detention facility in New Mexico, Department of Homeland Security says - @NBCNews

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Shooting at New Mexico middle school, Jan. 14, 2014

Judge orders maximum sentence for 12-year-old New Mexico school shooter; boy to be held until he is 21 - @AP

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No reports of damage in New Mexico following moderate earthquake, police say - @NBCNews

End of alert
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Arizona, US

Magnitude 5.2 earthquake shakes Arizona and New Mexico - @NBCNews

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New Mexico, US

#BREAKING: 22 arrested in New Mexico car theft ring tied to Sinaloa Drug Cartel: http://t.co/MGgTQi4tf4 http://t.co/X6YsoZDwuq - @KOATLiveUpdates


Marin, CA, US

9-year-old girl from New Mexico found alive in state park in Marin County after going missing from campsite in California - @abc7newsBayArea

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California, US

#BREAKING: 9 yr old NM girl found alive in Calif state park after went missing Friday. http://t.co/zmuu32XAJ0 http://t.co/erLTDzqO1m - @DenverChannel


New Mexico, US

Severe thunderstorm qatch issued for parts of New Mexico until 9 pm MT - @NWSSPC

End of alert

2014 US elections

Attorney General Gary King wins New Mexico Democratic gubernatorial nomination - @AP

End of alert

2014 US elections

Allen Weh wins Republican nomination for US Senate in New Mexico - @AP

End of alert

New Mexico, US

RT @ReutersUS: Evacuations are underway following explosions, fire at New Mexico biofuels plant: county officials #Breaking - @Reuters


New Mexico, US

Police: 7th person has died after Thursday's multi-vehicle crash in southwestern New Mexico - @AP

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New Mexico, US

6 people are killed in an accident during a dust storm on I-10 in New Mexico, state police say - @elpasotimes

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National Weather Service: Critical fire weather area for much of Arizona and New Mexico, and parts of Utah, Colorado, Oklahoma, Texas - @NWSSPC

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Carlsbad, NM, US

Crews find damaged material while searching for source of radiation release at underground nuclear waste dump in southeastern New Mexico - @AP

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California, southern New Mexico, Arizona listed at 'above-normal' wildfire risk due to hot, dry weather - @usatodayweather

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video games

Excavation crews unearth classic game cartridges including 'E.T.' games for Atari 2600 after digging through New Mexico landfill - @kobunheat

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