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Earthquake in South Asia, April 25, 2015

Graph: Seismologists in Norway detect surface waves 45 minutes after Nepal quake - @stevenjgibbons

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United Arab Emirates

Arab Spring activist Iyad el-Baghdadi, who was deported by United Arab Emirates, says he has been given asylum in Norway - @iyad_elbaghdadi

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Norway's prime minister apologizes for discrimination against Roma population before and after WWII - @Reuters

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Brussels, Capital Region of Brussels, BE

Norwegian DY5408 from Madrid to Stockholm declared emergency, diverted to Brussels due to medical emergency on board - @airlivenet

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Charleroi, Hainault, BE

Norwegian flight DY5408 from Madrid to Stockholm is diverting to Charleroi after declaring an emergency - @airlivenet

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Germanwings plane crash, March 2015

Norwegian Air Shuttle says in wake of Germanwings crash it is speeding up changes to ensure 2 flight crewmembers are always on flight deck - @NBCNews

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Top Gear

'Top Gear Live' shows due to have been held in Norway next week postponed - @BBCBreaking

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Solar eclipse, March 2015

Total solar eclipse casts shadow over Norway's remote islands of Svalbard; faint ring of light surrounds moon - @AP

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6 foreign tourists attacked by a polar bear in Svalbard, Norway; 1 person wounded, bear killed - @aftenposten

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Svalbard, SJ

Svalbard islands discourage visitors for freezing solar eclipse next week; hotels full, polar bears on prowl - @Reuters

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Norwegian Air Shuttle to ground all flights in Norway, Sweden and Denmark, leaving some 35,000 stranded - @TheLocalNorway

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Copenhagen shootings, Feb. 14-15, 2015

Hundreds of Norwegian Muslims to form human ring around Oslo synagogue in solidarity with Jews after Copenhagen shootings - @Reuters

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ship travel

Container ship on its way to Norway runs aground off Scottish coast, is leaking fuel - @SkyNews

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air industry

Norwegian Air announces plans for direct flights to Brazil, India and South Africa - @ReutersIndia

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Egypt and Norway urge donor states to keep promises of $5.4 billion in aid to Palestinians after 2014 war - @haaretzcom

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Norway's government dropped a plan to ban begging - @Reuters

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Nobel Prize

Norwegian lawmakers nominate imprisoned Saudi rights activists Waleed Abulkhair and Raif Badawi for Nobel Peace Prize - @MoTheAtheist

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Norway reports its first ever case of mad cow disease, says there is no outbreak to cause consumer concern - @Reuters

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Netherlands, Poland and Norway to talk to Airbus about buying 4 air tankers - @ReutersNordics

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Colombia, FARC peace talks

Colombian President Santos issues statement thanking Cuba, Norway for helping facilitate release of Colombian general - @JuanManSantos

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