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Police: Burundi minister assassinated in the capital - AFP

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Mulayam Singh Yadav calls a meeting of India's Samajwadi Party parliamentary board, ahead of a national convention - CNNnews18

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South Korea

Former South Korean President Lee Myung-bak says he will leave the ruling Saenuri Party - Yonhap News

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2016 US elections

President-elect Trump: Hacking of US Democrats during campaign could have been 'somebody else' other than Russia; 'I know things that other people don't know' - Reuters

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Istanbul nightclub attack

Turkish government orders a temporary media blackout after nightclub attack, citing security, public order concerns - BBC

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President-elect Trump, asked whether he would meet with the president of Taiwan if she travels to the US, says 'we'll see' - Reuters

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Trump appointments and nominations

DNC demands Sessions recuse himself from attorney general confirmation vote for withholding information - The Hill

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LGBT rights

Texas judge grants injunction halting Obama administration transgender health protections - AP

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DR Congo political standoff

Government and opposition in the Democratic Republic of the Congo sign deal setting political transition, new elections - RFI

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French President Hollande warns against risks of rising nationalism in his last New Year address - Reuters

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Memphis, TN, US

#Breaking: Rep. Steve Cohen has announced he will run for re-election in 2018. https://t.co/vgPZVphhqt - @3onyourside


Syrian Civil War

U.S. deputy ambassador Michele Sison says the Obama administration strongly supports a nationwide cease-fire in Syria, regrets details of agreement brokered by Russia and Turkey have not yet been made public - AP

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he is ready to work with US President-elect Donald Trump on two-state solution to conflict with Israel - AP

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DR Congo political standoff

Government, opposition leaders in Democratic Republic of Congo reach draft deal on ending political crisis - AFP

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Iraqi Civil War (2014-present)

French President François Hollande to visit Iraq Monday in visit to French troops - Reuters

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Photo: US President-elect Donald Trump poses for photograph with man at Jupiter, Florida, golf club after leaving press pool behind - @drekaplan

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US President-elect Donald Trump leaves press pool behind to play round of golf in Jupiter, Florida - AP, The Hill

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Syrian Civil War

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Russian President Vladimir Putin speak on the phone to discuss Syria cease fire agreement - @BarakRavid

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Syrian Civil War

UN Security Council unanimously adopts resolution 'welcoming' Russian, Turkish efforts to end Syrian violence and start political negotiations - AP

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Dulles International Airport, Sterling, VA, US

Plane to take Russian diplomats from Washington, DC, back to Russia lands at Dulles International Airport outside DC; timetable for depature unclear - @SputnikInt

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