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Mapuche, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina

Chile police say 2 Roman Catholic churches burned in southern region Mapuche indigenous group claims as its ancestral territory - AP


2016 US elections

Video: After securing number of delegates needed to clinch Republican nomination for president, Donald Trump tweets video of politicians, news commentators proclaiming he could never win the nomination; 'Today we, together, won the Republican Nomination for President!,' Trump says

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South China Sea dispute

Pentagon says intercept of US military aircraft by Chinese fighter jets last week over South China Sea violated 2015 agreement, defense official says - Reuters

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Hillary Clinton email controversy

Judge rules video of Hillary Clinton aides' depositions in email case to be kept secret - Politico

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Mississippi, US

Mississippi Attorney General says he will not join bathroom lawsuit brought against Obama administration - 16 WAPT News

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2016 US elections

Photo: GOP candidate Donald Trump arrives in Billings, Mont. - @johnrobertsFox

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Flint, Mich., water crisis

Michigan auditor general says office is complying with Gov. Rick Snyder's request to stop Flint water investigation pending Attorney General Bill Schuette's criminal probe - @ChadLivengood

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2016 US elections

Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton asked about Donald Trump-Bernie Sanders debate; 'I don't think it's going to happen. I think that's pretty clear'; says Trump thinks it's a 'joke' - @chrisgeidner

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Guinea Bissau president names Baciro Dja as prime minister; opponents protest appointment at presidential palace - Reuters

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2016 US elections

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., tells CNN he plans to attend GOP convention in Cleveland, would be willing to speak on Donald Trump's behalf if asked - @SabrinaSiddiqui

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Hillary Clinton email controversy

Hillary Clinton tells MSNBC that rules on email use were not clarified until after she had left State Department - Reuters

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2016 US elections

Photo: Crowd waits for Bernie Sanders rally in Ventura, Calif. - @KellyO

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2016 US elections

Bernie Sanders campaign issues statement following re-canvassing of Democratic primary in Kentucky, saying 'We accept the results' - @daveweigel

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2016 US elections

Donald Trump, asked about State Department report on Hillary Clinton's emails, says it shows her bad judgement - Reuters

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Police in Chile clash with student protesters who say President Michelle Bachelet's educational reforms have been a failure - Reuters


Syrian civil war

UN Syria envoy de Mistura: No Syria talks are feasible within the next 2 or 3 weeks - Reuters

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Poll finds Keiko Fujimori leads Pedro Kuczynski, 46-39, ahead of Peru presidential run-off election on June 5 - AP


2016 US elections

Kentucky Secretary of State tweets there no changes to Democratic primary election results after re-canvassing; Hillary Clinton remains unofficial winner - @KySecofState

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European migrant crisis

Galmudug state forces in Somalia intercept about 80 Somalis migrants attempting to travel to Europe - @HassanIstiila


Democratic Republic of Congo

Police in the Democratic Republic of Congo fire tear gas at demonstrators angered over the timing of the next election - BBC