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Kurdistan Workers' Party

Iraqi Kurds ask PKK to 'withdraw' from territory over Turkish air strikes - @AP

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2020 Olympics

Japan's new national stadium to be completed only 3 months before Tokyo 2020 Olympics due to new design - @AFP



About 260 PKK members killed in Turkey air strikes, Turkish news reports - @AFP

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United Kingdom

UK campaigners to protest banning of 'laughing gas' nitrous oxide with mass inhalation at parliament - @SkyNews


Calais, Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France

Photo: Nearly 10,000 trucks stuck as desperate migrants struggle to cross Channel Tunnel - @nytimesworld

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Palestinian youth killed after arson attack sparks violence in West Bank - @guardian

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On Army Day, China warns of growing border security risks - @Reuters

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Mexico's largest pet store chain agrees to stop selling endangered, invasive species, official says - @AP

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World War II

Original recording of Japan's Emperor Hirohito's war-ending speech released - @AP

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Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks

Trans-Pacific Partnership talks 'unlikely to end in a final pact,' sources say - @AJEnglish

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The White House, Washington, DC

Update: White House lockdown lifted after fence-jumper arrested by Secret Service - @markknoller

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The White House, Washington, DC

White House reported in security lockdown after woman jumps barricade in front of White House fence on Pennsylvania Avenue - @markknoller

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Puerto Rico financial crisis

Puerto Rico's Aug. 1 payment on Public Finance Corporation debt will not be made, governor's chief of staff says - @Reuters, @AP

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California, US

California Gov. Jerry Brown declares state of emergency due to wildfires - @KTVU

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2016 US elections

Federal tax returns show Hillary Rodham Clinton and ex-President Bill Clinton paid $44 million in taxes since 2006 - @AP

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Baghdad, Baghdad, Iraq

Iraqis march in central Baghdad in protest of chronic electricity shortages - @AFP

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Hillary Clinton private email use

Photo: Another classified email found in latest US State Department release of former Secretary Hillary Clinton's emails; confidential due to sensitive foreign government information from Huma Abedin - @ZekeJMiller

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Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton's doctor says she is healthy, suffers from hypothyroidism but no lingering effects from 2012 concussion - @Reuters

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Hillary Clinton private email use

State Department releases 3rd batch of Hillary Clinton emails - @nationaljournal

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Puerto Rico financial crisis

White House says it has no expectation of a federal bailout for Puerto Rico - @Reuters

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