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Photo: Emir of Qatar has audience with the Queen during 1st official UK visit - @itvnews

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Saudi court sentences 13 people to between 18 months and 30 years in prison for plotting to attack US forces - @AFP

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Lockheed Martin

US Army awards Lockheed Martin $90 million contract to help Qatar's air force enhance its Apache helicopter attack fleet - @thehill

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Qatar pledges $1 billion toward reconstruction of Gaza Strip after 50-day Israel-Hamas war - @AP

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2014 Asian Games

Qatar official says women's basketball team is withdrawing from Asian Games over Hijab ruling - @AP

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2014 Asian Games

Qatar women's basketball team forfeits game at the Asian Games after being refused permission to wear the hijab - @Reuters

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Islamic State threat in Iraq, Syria

Photo: In New York, President Obama thanks leaders of 5 nations who aided in US airstrikes: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Jordan, Bahrain, Qatar - @markknoller

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Islamic State threat in Iraq, Syria

Report: Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE participating in airstrikes against Islamic State in Syria, official tells @ABC

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2022 World Cup

Qatar's summer temperatures are too extreme to stage 2022 World Cup, FIFA Executive Committee member Theo Zwanziger says - @haaretzcom via Sport Bild

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Libya regional tensions

Qatar rejects accusation it sent weapons to Libya - @Reuters

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Libya regional tensions

Libya's PM Abdullah al-Thinni says Qatar sent 3 military planes loaded with weapons and ammunition to a Tripoli airport controlled by an armed opposition group - @Reuters

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Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptian leader of the Muslim Brotherhood says Qatar has asked several of the group's prominent members to leave the country, though Qatari diplomat contradicts Amr Darrag's account of why members have left - @nytimes

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Qatar arrests British human rights workers, September 2014

Qatar frees 2 detained British rights researchers - @AP

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Qatar arrests British human rights workers, September 2014

Qatar confirms arrest of 2 British human rights workers missing since Aug. 31, state media reports - @QatarNewsAgency

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Trial of Egypt's President Morsi

Egypt's prosecutor charges ousted president Mohamed Mursi of endangering state security by passing secrets to Qatar - @Reuters

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Captive Peter Theo Curtis is released from Syria

Writer Peter Theo Curtis upon return to US: 'I have been so touched and moved, beyond all words, by the people who have come up to me today - strangers on the airplane, the flight attendants and, most of all, my family to say welcome home. I am also deeply indebted to the U.S. officials who have worked on my case. I especially want to thank the government of Qatar for intervening on my behalf' - statement

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US Army Sgt. Bergdahl freed

Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, on report finding Pentagon acted unlawfully in Bowe Bergdahl swap: 'This GAO report confirms my belief that the Administration violated the law when it released and transferred these dangerous Taliban detainees without notifying Congress as the law clearly and unequivocally requires. It is highly likely that these men will return to the fight against our country after their year in Qatar' - statement

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Syrian civil war

Kuwait's security officers arrest Hajjaj al-Ajami, who raised money for mujahideen in Syria, upon his arrival from Qatar - @AlArabiya_Eng


Israeli-Palestinian conflict

US Secretary of State John Kerry calls on Qatar, Turkey to use influence to secure release of Israeli soldier abducted in Gaza - @nytimes

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict

US State Department official: Secretary Kerry spoke with foreign ministers from Turkey, Qatar and Israel's Netanyahu and has scheduled a call with Palestinian President Abbas; Kerry learned of Hamas breaking Gaza ceasefire from online report - pool report via @NBCNews

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