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Colombia's constitutional court declares same-sex marriages legal - AFP

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Harris Wofford

Ex-Pa. Sen. Harris Wofford, 90, announces intention to marry a man 50 years his junior in New York Times op-ed - CBS News

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same-sex marriage

Chinese court rules against gay couple in country's first same-sex marriage lawsuit - CNN



Judge rules against gay couple in China's 1st same-sex marriage case - AP

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First Jewish same-sex marriage in South America held at Argentine synagogue - Reuters

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same-sex marriage

Church of Norway leaders adopt new wedding ceremony rules allowing for same-sex marriages - The Local no


Puerto Rico

US appeals court upholds gay marriage in Puerto Rico - AP

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Catholic Church

Excerpt: Pope Francis writes that same-sex unions 'may not simply be equated with marriage' - @CatholicNewsSvc

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Colombia's Supreme Court rules by 6-3 vote to give same-sex couples marriage rights - AP

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Mississippi LGBT bill

Family Research Council claims Mississippi's new 'religious freedom' law gives new momentum to resist same-sex marriage - @dominicholden

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Mississippi, US

Mississippi Senate passes controversial 'religious freedom bill' that critics say is the most sweeping anti-LGBT legislation in US - BuzzFeed News

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Australia's Senate set to vote on bid to legalize same-sex marriage - News Corp Australia

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Missouri same-sex marriage

Missouri Republicans kill 39-hour filibuster of 'religious freedom' gay marriage bill; legislation granted initial approval on 23-9 vote, must be approved by state Senate one more time before moving to House - Kansas City Star

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US same-sex marriage

Federal judge: Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage doesn't automatically apply to Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory - Buzzfeed News

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Missouri same-sex marriage

Filibuster in Missouri state Senate enters 25th hour as Democrats vow to continue blocking constitutional amedment they say would give some 'permission to discriminate' against same-sex couples - Missourian

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Supreme Court of the United States

US Supreme Court rules in favor of Alabama woman who sought legal custody of children after splitting with same-sex partner - NBC News

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Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull refuses to endorse pledge by Attorney-General George Brandis to hold same-sex marriage plebiscite by end of 2016 - SMH

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Australia expected to hold plebiscite on same-sex marriage by year's end, if government re-elected - Australia's ABC News

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Alabama same-sex marriage

Alabama Supreme Court dismisses petitions opposing gay marriage - AL.com

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2016 US elections

Ted Cruz on gay adoption: 'I would leave the question of marriage to the states. I would leave the question of adoption to the states' - Fox News

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