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Romanian court rules in favor of anti-gay rights group seeking change to constitution to state marriage is union between man, woman - AP

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Theresa May named UK prime minister

David Cameron says one of his favourite moments of his years as prime minister was passing gay marriage legislation

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Canadian Anglicans discover mistake in same-sex marriage vote count; motion to allow same-sex marriage actually passed - CBC News

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2016 Republican National Convention

Effort by Rachel Hoff, 1st openly gay person on GOP platform committee, to broaden party language on gay marriage is defeated - @edatpost

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2016 Republican National Convention

Full RNC platform committee approves amendment describing the 'union of one man and one woman' - @GingerGibson

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North Carolina LGBT bill

North Carolina judge rejects Republicans' claim that state attorney general won't adequately defend state LGBT law - WTVD


Theresa May named UK prime minister

UK Conservative Party leader candidate Andrea Leadsom says she didn't approve of Gay Marriage law, would prefer ensuring equality by opening Civil Partnerships to all - Guardian

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Mississippi same-sex marriage

Federal judge blocks Mississippi law on religious objections to same-sex marriage - AP

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Mississippi same-sex marriage

Federal judge rules Mississippi clerks cannot cite religious beliefs to refuse issuing marriage licenses to same-sex couples - AP

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Voters in Bermuda reject same-sex marriage in a non-binding referendum - AP

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Canada's Conservative Party votes to drop parts of party policy opposing same-sex marriage - Global News

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Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto proposes legalizing same-sex marriage nationwide - AFP

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Italy same-sex marriage

Photo: Google celebrates approval of same-sex civil unions bill in Italy - @googleitalia

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Italy same-sex marriage

Formal vote on Italian same-sex civil union bill expected later Wednesday - AFP

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Italy same-sex marriage

More: 369 lawmakers in Italy's lower house gave approval to same-sex civil unions bill, 193 voted against

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Italy same-sex marriage

Italian PM Renzi wins confidence vote in lower house on civil unions bill - Reuters

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Alabama same-sex marriage

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore faces removal from bench over effort to block same-sex marriage - AP, WBMA

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Colombia's constitutional court declares same-sex marriages legal - AFP

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Harris Wofford

Ex-Pa. Sen. Harris Wofford, 90, announces intention to marry a man 50 years his junior in New York Times op-ed - CBS News

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same-sex marriage

Chinese court rules against gay couple in country's first same-sex marriage lawsuit - CNN