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Savannah, GA

Student killed in shooting at Savannah State University - @AP

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Savannah, GA

Lockdown lifted at Savannah State University in Savannah, Ga., following earlier shooting; no word on condition of victim - @SSUTigersRoar

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Savannah, GA

1 hospitalized following shooting incident on Savannah State University campus in Savannah, Ga., local media reports - @IanMargol

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Savannah State University

#BREAKING: High police presence outside Savannah State University. http://t.co/AYwRjl7rN6 - @cbs46


Savannah, GA

Video: Police presence at a Savannah State University building in Savannah, Ga., following unconfirmed reports of shots fired - @SSUTigersRoar

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Savannah, GA

#BREAKING: Police: Bullet grazed 2-year-old during a West Savannah shooting. http://t.co/lYdi9PAsxj http://t.co/zoS5HqdzbG - @WJCL_News


Teens missing from boat off Florida

Search dog used in effort to find 2 missing teen boaters in Florida finds scent match with items found on Savannah, Ga. beach - @CBS12

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Savannah, GA

Police say 1 man shot dead in Savannah, Ga. - @WTOCWhitney

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Boston, MA

Map: Severe weather threat along East Coast from Savannah, Ga., to Boston - @weatherchannel

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Savannah, GA

Photo: Thunderstorms rolling into Savannah, Ga - @andyresende

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Savannah, GA

Update: No hazmat clean up needed following work truck explosion in Savannah, Ga.; no chemicals present people need to be worried about, police say - @BrandonWJCL

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Savannah, GA

Police: Explosion in Savannah, Ga., was caused by work truck carrying flammables; driver okay, no bystanders injured, local media reports - @WTOCConnyCooper

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Savannah, GA

Photo: Truck damaged in explosion in Savannah, Ga. - @jonathon_dawson

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Savannah, GA

Photo: Scene of reported vehicle explosion in downtown Savannah, Ga. - 'Segar' on Facebook

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Savannah, GA

Editor's note: We're seeing unconfirmed reports of a loud explosion heard near downtown Savannah, Ga. We'll continue to monitor for details. - Jimmy

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Savannah, GA

3 indicted in college student's death in county jail in Savannah, Ga. - @ajc

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Newark International Airport, Newark, NJ

Officials: United Flight departing Newark, NJ, airport for Savannah, Ga., aborted takeoff while on runway after pilot noticed sparks from engine; no injuries reported - @NBCNews

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Atlanta, GA

#DEVELOPING: Atlanta musician among 2 killed in crash near Savannah http://t.co/F6pxCkM3lx http://t.co/6dUgIHWcy4 - @FOX5Atlanta


Savannah, GA

Motorcyclist dies after Sunday’s crash http://t.co/C84hwZnut2 #BreakingNews #LocalNews #News - @WJCL_News


Georgia, US

27 arrests during the St. Patrick’s Day festival http://t.co/Ps4f6GzIQm #BreakingNews #Crime #Georgia - @WJCL_News