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Georgia same-sex marriage

NFL statement suggests Georgia religious freedom' bill headed to Gov. Deal's desk could affect a future Super Bowl in Atlanta - CBS 46

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Peyton Manning retires

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on the retirement of Peyton Manning: 'Peyton Manning's extraordinary career was driven by his talent, an incredible work ethic, and an unwavering desire to be the best and ended so perfectly for him with a Super Bowl victory' - @kevincorke

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Super Bowl

Los Angeles in the running to host Super Bowl in in either early 2020 or 2021 - Los Angeles Times

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Super Bowl 50

Carolina Panthers QB Cam Newton following Super Bowl 50 loss: 'This season has been an incredible journey and I want to thank Panthernation and all of the fans that inspired us to great achievements' - @CameronNewton

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Super Bowl 50

Photo: Huge crowd rallies in Denver's Civic Center Park to celebrate Super Bowl win - @lionelbienvenu

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Super Bowl 50

FAA says there were 4 airspace violations by private planes during Sunday's Super Bowl at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. - NBC Bay Area

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Super Bowl 50

Super Bowl MVP Von Miller, at press conference, dismisses suggestion that Bronco defense was responsible for the win. 'We carried each other ... It was truly a team effort.' - Guardian

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North Carolina, US

#BREAKINGNEWS North Carolina Gov. McCrory in minor crash after Super Bowl https://t.co/KSpKGZYY8O - @ABC11_WTVD


North Korea nuclear program

North Korea's newest satellite passed almost right over Super Bowl stadium an hour after it ended - AP

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Super Bowl 50

Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller named Super Bowl MVP - NBC Bay Area

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Super Bowl 50

Denver Broncos win Super Bowl, 24-10, over Carolina Panthers

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Super Bowl 50

Photo: Denver Broncos' Jordan Norwood with 61-yard punt return, longest in Super Bowl history - Sports Center

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Super Bowl 50

Photo: Astronaut Scott Kelly tweets: 'Hosted Super Bowl party on [International] Space Station but no one showed up. I would have served nachos!' - @StationCDRKelly

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Super Bowl 50

Photo: Past Super Bowl MVPs line field during ceremony before teams take field - @JustineWaldman

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Super Bowl 50

Photo: NBA star Steph Curry swarmed by media on sidelines at Super Bowl; Curry will bang the Carolina Panthers' ceremonial 'Keep Pounding' drum - @AndrewSiciliano

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Super Bowl 50

Image: FAA tweets reminder that drones are prohibited within 32 nautical miles of Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif., due to Super Bowl 50 security concerns - @FAANews

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Super Bowl 50

Map: Most aviation in California's Bay Area grounded ahead of Super Bowl 50; Homeland Security aircraft patrolling Levi's Stadium - @martyn_williams

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Super Bowl 50

San Francisco police say Super Bowl City is currently closed; site is filled to capacity - Mercury News

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Beyonce drops new song called 'Formation' a day before her Super Bowl 50 performance - BuzzFeed

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Super Bowl 50

1st commercial in 1st break during Super Bowl 50 will be a spot for beer Michelob Ultra - @darrenrovell

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