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Boise, ID, US

US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia praises Idaho's completion of 30-year process negotiation water rights at Boise conference - @AP

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Hobby Lobby

White House to offer Hobby Lobby a workaround on birth control access for female employees - @TPM

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Virginia same-sex marriage

US Supreme Court grants stay of Virginia same-sex marriage ruling - @chrisgeidner

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Virginia same-sex marriage

Virginia Attorney General's Office says same-sex marriage could begin as early as next Wednesday, Aug. 20; Supreme Court may still intervene - @nbcwashington

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Barack Obama

President Obama speaks at fundraiser in Martha's Vineyard, Mass.; says needs Democratic Senate because there may be Supreme Court nomination to handle - @jeffmason1

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Oklahoma same-sex marriage

US Supreme Court asked to review Oklahoma's same-sex marriage ban by Tulsa County - @NewsOK

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US lethal injection drug controversy

US Supreme Court denies stay of execution for Missouri inmate scheduled to be 1st lethal injection since botched Arizona execution - @AP

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Virginia same-sex marriage

Virginia to ask Supreme Court to take on same-sex marriage case - @NBC12

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Supreme Court of the United States

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg thinks male Supreme Court justices who voted against her on Hobby Lobby ruling have 'blind spot' when it comes to women - @YahooNews

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capital punishment

Supreme Court denies stay request filed this morning by Joseph Wood in pending Arizona execution - @chrisgeidner

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Arizona, US

#BREAKING U.S. Supreme Court allowing Arizona execution to proceed in a case that tests secrecy of lethal drugs http://t.co/OujGyzZx1f - @azcentral


US lethal injection drug controversy

Supreme Court allows Arizona execution to go forward in closely watched 1st Amendment case over the secrecy surrounding lethal injection drugs - @AP

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Obama health care law

Editor's note: The contradictory rulings on Affordable Care Act subsidies could make the Supreme Court more likely to take up the challenge, Politico reports. No subsides were cut off immediate by today's rulings. - Stephanie

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Utah same-sex marriage

US Supreme Court grants Utah's appeal to stay court order that told it to recognize gay marriages performed in state - @Reuters

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Florida, US

Lawyers file 4th petition to US Supreme Court, seeking review of court decision denying Florida inmate's stay of execution - @BuzzFeedNews


Utah same-sex marriage

Utah asks US Supreme Court for emergency stay in same-sex marriage recognition case - @Marissa_Jae

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Partner items

RT @NikolenDC: #BREAKING: The Senate blocks a bill to reverse the #SCOTUS #HobbyLobby ruling. #NotMyBossBusiness - @wbaltv11



Estate of Arthur Conan Doyle asks US Supreme Court for help in stopping publication of a book based on his characters, Sherlock Holmes and Dr. John Watson - @NBCNews

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US contraceptive mandate

Doctors' association representing 90% of board-certified US gynecologists endorses Democrat-sponsored legislation to override the Supreme Court's recent Hobby Lobby birth control decision - @HuffPostPol

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Aereo ruled illegal by Supreme Court

TV-over-the-Internet startup Aereo files letter with lower court, laying out its final legal strategy; plans to act like a cable company - @arstechnica

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