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2006 World Cup

Swiss Attorney General's office confirms probe of leading members of the 2006 World Cup organizing committee had been expanded - DW



Update: 54.2% of voters, majority of states vote against referendum to shut all 5 nuclear power plants by 2029 - SRF

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Swiss voters projected to reject plan to force their government to accelerate the country's exit from nuclear energy - SRF via AP

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Cyprus reunification talks

Cyprus' government spokesman says crucial talks at Swiss resort to reunify ethnically split island 'inconclusive' - AP

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2018, 2022 World Cup bribery allegations

FIFA ethics investigation into Russia and Qatar's 2018-2022 World Cup bid campaigns may take 3 more years before report can be published, Swiss federal prosecution office suggests- AP

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Swiss email encryption company ProtonMail says weekly sign-ups double after US election result; co-founder says large number of users come from US - The Verge

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Report: FIFA's World Football Museum in Zurich, Switzerland, set to lose estimated 30 million Swiss francs ($30 million) this year on low visitor numbers - BBC News

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Swiss National Bank foresees annual 1 billion Swiss franc ($1.02 billion) payments to national government and to cantons - Reuters

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Bird flu has found in corpses of wild ducks near Austria's border with Germany and Switzerland, authorities say - Reuters

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Credit Suisse says it expects more consolidation in Swiss financial sector in 2017 - Reuters

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Cyprus reunification talks

Prospect of a solution in Cyprus before end of 2016 is within reach, UN's Ban Ki-moon says as talks open in Switzerland

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New York City Marathon 2016

Marcel Hug of Switzerland wins his 2nd NYC Marathon title in the men's wheelchair race - AP

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Live video: Mexican President Enrique Pena-Nieto leads welcoming ceremony for state visit of Swiss President Johann Schneider-Ammann - YouTube user Gobierno de la República

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Equatorial Guinea

Luxury cars belonging to the Vice President of Equatorial Guinea, Teodorin Obiang Nguema, are impounded by Swiss prosecutors in corruption probe - Vanguard Nigeria

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Equatorial Guinea

Swiss confiscate 11 luxury vehicles from son of Equatorial Guinea's president in connection with French case over misspending of public funds - AP

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Iran nuclear program deal

Swiss authorities suspend probe into suspected cyber-spying during Iran nuclear talks, say malware found but 'cannot be attributed to specific persons' - AP

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Swiss police arrest imam, 4 suspects after raid on mosque - Reuters

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Bill Clinton

Editor's note: The FBI has released 129 pages of redacted documents related to the William J. Clinton Foundation and a 2001 investigation into the pardon of Marc Rich. Clinton was criticized for pardoning Rich, who fled to Switzerland after being indicted for tax evasion, illegal trading with Iran and other charges. Rich's former wife had made large donations to the Democratic party and Clinton library, The New York Times reports. Funds for the library were raised through the William J. Clinton Foundation - not the more well-known nonprofit Clinton Foundation. The FBI investigated the pardon in 2001 and it was closed in 2005, according to the agency. NBC News reports the documents were released following a public records request related to the WJC Foundation, and notes that there is little information in these documents that wasn't reported on at the time. The FBI is currently being criticized for publicly announcing a review of emails that may be linked to the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private server use. - Stephanie

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Switzerland's national rail service will sell digital currency Bitcoin at railway stations - The Local

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Cyprus reunification talks

Cyprus leaders to hold talks in Switzerland from Nov. 7 to Nov. 11 to discuss reunification of the island - Hurriyet Daily News

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