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LGBT rights

Texas judge grants injunction halting Obama administration transgender health protections - AP

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Granby, CO, US

Update: Texas woman pronounced dead after falling from chair lift at Granby, Colo., ski resort; 2 daughters injured - Reuters

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Texas, US

#DEVELOPING #NOW 2 Texas Army National Guard soldiers identified in deadly Apache helicopter crash ==>… https://t.co/HsovPwVMYx - @Fox26Houston


Pasadena, CA, US

Photo: US Coast Guard diver enters the water off Pasadena, Texas, where a US Army Apache helicopter crashed earlier - ABC13

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Texas, US

#BREAKING: Major accident blocking all mainlanes of I-45 Gulf Fwy outbound at Woodridge. #ABC13 https://t.co/c26osNNeKD - @abc13houston


Grimes County, TX, US

Second arrest made for robbery where Texas officer shot - Fox News

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Texas abortion law

Texas officially dismisses Planned Parenthood from its Medicaid program - Texas Tribune

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Craig Sager

San Antonio Spurs coach Gregg Popovich flies from Texas to Georgia on game day for memorial for sideline reporter Craig Sager - Sports Illustrated

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2016 US elections

Editor's note: Four Democratic electors in Washington state and two Republican electors in Texas successfully cast votes for candidates other than their state's nominee today. While several democratic electors in Maine, Minnesota and Colorado attempted to cast votes for different candidates, they had their ballots banned due to state rules binding them to their state's popular vote. Trump has surpassed the 270-vote threshold to formally win the presidency, but the vote is ongoing. - Jillian

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2016 US elections

More: 2 Texas electors defect, voting for Ron Paul and John Kasich; 36 electors in state vote for Donald Trump - @jamiedupree

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2016 US elections

Photo: Texas electors gather to vote in 2016 election - @statesman

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Tampa, FL, US

#BREAKING Suspect in the murder of a respected Tampa nurse has been caught near Texas: https://t.co/tKzq56bIia https://t.co/IGzE5CJVrs - @FOX13News


Tap water alert in Corpus Christi, Texas

Texas attorney general on Corpus Christi's water supply incident: 'Every resource of my office will be made available to help... We're monitoring the situation closely. Price gouging on bottled water will not be tolerated. My office stands ready to assist Corpus Christi and the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality when they know the full scope of the water contamination problem.' - NBC News

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Texas, US

Federal judge temporarily blocks Texas rule mandating burial or cremation for fetal remains until Jan. 6 - ABC

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Trump appointments and nominations

US President-elect Donald Trump confirms he will nominate former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as energy secretary

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Texas, US

Just in: @GregAbbott_TX would not say definitively on Tuesday if Texas needs a "bathroom bill."… https://t.co/X0IwFd3EKB - @TexasTribune


Texas, US

Lawsuit filed seeking to prevent Texas from requiring hospitals and abortion clinics to bury or cremate fetal remains - AP

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Trump appointments and nominations

Report: Donald Trump narrows search for energy secretary to 4 people, with former Texas Gov. Rick Perry as leading candidate - Bloomberg

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Zika virus outbreak (2015-present)

Texas health officials confirm 4 additional cases of locally-transmitted Zika virus in Cameron County - Texas Tribune

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2016 US elections

Texas presidential elector writes in op-ed that he will not cast vote for Donald Trump on Dec. 19; writes 'I believe electors should unify behind a Republican alternative' - New York Times

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