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Japan war shrine visits

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe sends ritual offering to controversial Tokyo shrine for war dead - Reuters

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Sakura, Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, JP

Earthquake: M 4.5 - 6km N of Sakura, Japan


2020 Olympics

Image: 1 of 4 new design choices for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics logo; previous version dropped due to plagiarism claim - NBC News

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2020 Olympics

Tokyo 2020 Olympic logo shortlist of 4 new designs unveiled after plagiarism scandal - NBC News



Residences tied to Japanese doomsday cult Aum Shinrikyo raided in St. Petersburg, Moscow, says Russian interior ministry - AP



Photo: Crowds protest in front of National Diet Building in Tokyo ahead of new security law set to go into effect at midnight - @MichiyoCNA

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2016 Olympics

2016 Olympics head says Rio de Janeiro bid clean as French investigate host city bidding corruption - AP


IAAF doping, corruption investigations

French police widen corruption probe into bidding and voting processes for host city selection of Rio 2016 and Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games - Guardian


Zika virus outbreak (2015-present)

Teenager near Tokyo found to have Zika virus after return from Brazil - NHK via Reuters

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Report: China and Japan planning deputy ministerial level talks in Tokyo this month, sources tell CCTV

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Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Preliminary magnitude 4.5 earthquake strikes 31 miles east of Tokyo - USGS

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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, JP

Photo: Firefighter response to blaze reported at multi-story building in Shinjuku, Japan - @pms_n4

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Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, JP

Photo: Building fire in Shinjuku area of Tokyo, Japan - @mikatuki_yama

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Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan

【地震情報】7:41ごろ、東京・神奈川て最大震度4の地震がありました。この地震による津波の心配はありません。 #tokyofm #alert - @tokyofm


Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Photo: Smoke rises from building fire outside of Tokyo - @etsubow

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Tokyo, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

Video: Tokyo welcomes in 2016 by releasing balloons - @BBCWorld

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Japanese first lady visits the controversial Yasukuni war shrine in Tokyo - @AFP

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2020 Olympics

Japan selects design by Taisei-led consortium for 2020 Summer Olympics stadium in Tokyo, PM Abe says - @Reuters

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2020 Olympics

Tokyo Olympics might cost $15 billion, 6 times original estimate: report - @AFP

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Tokyo law enforcement using police drones to snatch illegal drones from mid-air - @businessinsider

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