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Troy, AL, US

National Weather Service confirms tornado touchdown in Troy, Ala. Thursday night - @GlennHalbrooks

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Troy, AL, US

Suspected tornado destroys supermarket in Troy, Alabama, injuring at least 5 people - @NBCNews

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Troy, AL, US

Only 'walking injuries' reported following apparent tornado touchdown in Troy, Ala., police say - @TroyMessenger

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Troy, AL, US

Photo: Troy, Ala., sporting goods store damaged during tornado-warned storm - @stormchaser4850

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Troy, AL, US

Photo: Overturned semi-truck in Troy, Ala., following tornado-warned storm - Brittany Ann Smith via @EricSnitilWx

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Troy, AL, US

Photo: Possible tornado damage at Walmart in Troy, Ala., witness says - @spann

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Troy, AL, US

Damage reported to Walmart in Troy, Ala., following tornado-warned storm - @stormchaser4850

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Alabama, US

Son of Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore arrested for drug possession in Troy, Ala., court records show - @aldotcom

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US winter storms, December 2012

Local emergency management report mobile homes damaged near Troy, Alabama, airport; people may be trapped in debris - @TWCBreaking

End of alert

Central US severe weather, March 19, 2012

As damage reports come in, it looks as if a possible rain wrapped #tornado, has struck the Troy AL area. #alwx