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Nebe, East Nusa Tenggara, ID

No tsunami warning after 6.8-magnitude earthquake north of Nebe, Indonesia, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says

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Miyako-shi, Iwate Prefecture, JP

Preliminary magnitude 5.0 earthquake reported 88 miles east-northeast of Miyako, Japan; no tsunami threat issued - @USGS

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Miyako-shi, Iwate Prefecture, JP

Preliminary magnitude 6.3 earthquake strikes 87 miles east of Miyako, Japan; no threat of tsunami - @USGS

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Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott urges Indonesia to remember Australia's help with 2004 tsunami in decision to spare 2 Australians from death row - @AFP

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Japan Meteorological Agency says tsunami advisory lifted after magnitude-6.9 earthquake off Sanriku coast - @The_Japan_News

End of alert
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Photo: Updated tsunami threat map from Japan Meteorological Agency following magnitude 6.8 earthquake off northeast Japan - @W7VOA

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Only slight rises recorded as 1st tsunami waves arrive at Miyako, Japan, after earthquake; advisories still in place - @JWagstaffe

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Iwate Prefecture, JP

More: Japan's Meteorological agency says no tsunami damage expected; advisory issued for Iwate prefecture, says people should get out of water and leave coast

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Honshu, JP

Update: 1-meter wave expected to hit Japan's Iwate prefecture around 23:30 GMT (6:30 pm ET) after earthquake off Honshu, NHK reports - @Reuters (corrects typo)

End of alert
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Honshu, JP

Earthquake with preliminary magnitude of 6.9 off Honshu, Japan; no tsunami threat, PTWC reports

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#BREAKING: Preliminary M7.0 #earthquake off the east coast of Japan at 6:06pm US EST. Monitoring for any #tsunami concerns. - @weatherchannel



Pacific Tsunami Warning Center says no tsunami expected after magnitude 6.8 earthquake in north Atlantic Ocean

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#BREAKING: M6.8 #earthquake in the north-central Atlantic at 1:59pm EST; no #tsunami threat for US East Coast. http://t.co/CTrzfxwLRl - @weatherchannel



#BREAKING: Deep-focus M6.9 #earthquake near Chile-Argentina border at 1:57pm US EST. No #tsunami threat. http://t.co/eYQYHGDu31 - @weatherchannel


Baja California, MX

No immediate tsunami warning following preliminary magnitude 4.9 earthquake near Mexico's Baja California peninsula - @USGS

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Tsunami drill unfolds across 40 countries from Asia to Americas - TRFN


Ferndale, CA, US

Update: Earthquake near Ferndale, Calif., upgraded to magnitude 5.7; no tsunami watch or warning - USGS

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No immediate tsunami threat following preliminary magnitude-6.1 earthquake southeast of Fiji - @USGS

End of alert
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Port-Vila, Shefa, VU

Preliminary magnitude 7.0 earthquake strikes 35 miles north-northeast of Port-Vila, Vanuatu; no tsunami threat - @USGS, @NOAA

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Alaska, US

Magnitude 5.8 earthquake detected 3 miles south-southwest of Semisopochnoi Island, Alaska; tsunami not expected, officials say - @USGS

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