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NHK: No tsunami warning issued after 5.7-magnitude earthquake is recorded off Japan - Reuters

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No tsunami warning issued for magnitude-6.8 earthquake near Ndoi Island, Fiji - @NWS_NTWC

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Mindanao, Philippines

Tsunami Warning Center: Pacific-wide tsunami not expected after earthquake off Philippines

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Caribbean Sea

Tsunami not expected after magnitude 5.1 quake off Saint Kitts and Nevis - @NWS_NTWC

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No tsunami warning issued by Pacific Tsunami Warning Center after strong quake southeast of Tokyo - Reuters

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Hawaii, US

Light earthquake hits Mauna Loa area in Hawaii; no tsunami threat - Star Advertiser

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Magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits New Zealand, Sept. 1, 2016

All trains to Britomart, New Zealand, suspended after earthquake triggers tsunami warning - One News

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Magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits New Zealand, Sept. 1, 2016

Photo: Items in a new Zealand supermarket fell to the floor after today's 7.1 earthquake - @ONENewsNZ

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Magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits New Zealand, Sept. 1, 2016

Potential tsunami threat for New Zealand following magnitude 7.1 earthquake, civil defense agency says; people warned to stay off beaches - @NZcivildefence

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Magnitude 7.2 earthquake hits New Zealand, Sept. 1, 2016

US Pacific warning center sees no tsunami threat to Hawaii after preliminary magnitude 7.2 earthquake off New Zealand

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Ascension Island, St Helena Ascension and Tristan da Cunha

National Weather Service: No tsunami expected after preliminary magnitude 7.4 earthquake strikes north of Ascension Island

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No immediate tsunami warning after 7.4 magnitude earthquake in South Atlantic Ocean off Argentina's coast - AFP

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New Caledonia

Update: Earthquake near New Caledonia downgraded 7.2 magnitude, no longer poses tsunami threat - USGS, Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

End of alert
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More: Tsunami threat within 1000 km (621 miles) of preliminary magnitude 7.6 earthquake that struck about 535 km (330 miles) SE of Vanuatu - Pacific Tsunami Warning Center

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Hawaii, US

No tsunami threat for Hawaii after 7.6-magnitude quake - https://t.co/nr5iCi8h2Z #HInews #HawaiiNews #808news #tsunami #earthquake #breaking - @KITV4



#BREAKING @BOM_au says there is no tsunami threat to Australia from earthquake off New Caledonia - @SkyNewsAust


Iwo Jima, Tokyo Prefecture, Japan

No tsunami risk seen with preliminary magnitude 6.3 earthquake recorded near Iwo Jima, Japan, meteorological agency says

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Northern Mariana Islands

Tsunami Warning Center says no Pacific-wide tsunami expected after 7.7-magnitude earthquake reported off Northern Mariana Islands

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Honshu, Japan

Japan Meteorological Agency says no tsunami alert after quake off Honshu

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Editor's note: We are seeing reports on Twitter and user tips that an earthquake has hit eastern Japan. Reuters is reporting that a preliminary-magnitude 5.2 earthquake was recorded, but the news agency did not cite a source in its report. Reuters is also reporting that no tsunami warning has been issued or damage has been reported. We will continue to look for confirmation and will post more information as soon as it comes. - Imana

End of note
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