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Earthquake hits southern Taiwan, Feb. 5, 2016

Tsunami not expected after earthquake in southern Taiwan - PTWC

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West Coast, US

No tsunami expected along west coast of US and Canada following deep Preliminary Magnitude 7.0 earthquake on southern end of Russia's Kamchatka Peninsula - National Tsunami Warning Center

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More: Earthquake in northern Japan may cause slight rise in sea level, but no tsunami damage expected, Japan Meteorological Agency says - @HBChokkaido

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Preliminary magnitude 6.7 earthquake strikes northern Japan; no tsunami warning issued - @USGS, @AP

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No tsunami danger from earthquake near Victoria, Canada, NWS reports - @NWSSeattle

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Devore, San Bernardino, CA

Officials: Tsunami not expected following preliminary-magnitude 4.7 earthquake near Los Angeles - @NWS_NTWC

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Eureka, CA

USGS: Preliminary-magnitude 4.8 earthquake 64 miles west-northwest of Eureka, Calif., with no tsunami danger - @breakingweather

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More: Powerful quake of Mexico's coast downgraded to magnitude 6.4; quake struck at depth of 60 miles; tsunami not expected, warning center says - @USGS

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No tsunami threat to Australia after 7.2-magnitude earthquake recorded in the Southeast Indian Ridge - @AusNewsNetwork

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No tsunami threat after earthquake in Peru-Brazil border region; quake was too deep - @NWS_PTWC

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Map: Tsunami advisories are issued for portions of southwestern Japan, including the Tanegashima, Yakushima areas after offshore 7.0 quake - @weatherchannel

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7.0 earthquake reported off southern Japan; Pacific-wide tsunami is 'not expected' - @NWS_NTWC

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Preliminary-magnitude 6.8 quake hits off Chile, no tsunami warning issued - @USGS, @NWS_NTWC via @Reuters

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Earthquake hits Afghanistan, Oct. 26, 2015

No tsunami threat to India as a result of powerful 7.5 earthquake - @ndtv

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Hurricane Patricia

San Patricio and Barra de Navidad areas of Mexico will experience equivalent EF-5 tornado and 20 foot tsunami at same time as Hurricane Patricia makes landfall - @BillKarins

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Magnitude 5.5 earthquake strikes off the coast of Fukushima, Japan; no tsunami risk - JMA

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Fukushima Prefecture, Japan

Preliminary-magnitude 5.5 quake hits Fukushima, Miyagi prefectures in Japan, no tsunami warning issued - @japantimes

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Port-Olry, Sanma, Vanuatu

No tsunami threat following preliminary magnitude 7.3 earthquake near Port-Olry, Vanuatu - @USGS

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New Zealand earthquake, Oct. 12, 2015

No reports of major damage and a tsunami threat was not issued after 5.8 magnitude earthquake strikes New Zealand - @Telegraph

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Emergency office says no damage reported, no tsunami warning issued after tremor felt in Chile - @Reuters

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