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Alaska, US

White House says tallest North American mountain, Mount McKinley, to be renamed Denali - @AP

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2016 US elections

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker says building a wall on Canada-US border is a legitimate issue - @TorontoStar

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Iran nuclear program deal

Iran nuclear deal now backed by 31 US senators - @ReutersPolitics

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Israel-Iran tensions

Iran's Revolutionary Court jails 2 people for 10 years on espionage charges for spying for the United States and Israel - @Reuters

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Fight against Islamic State militants

Islamic State targeted in 22 airstrikes in Iraq, Syria over latest 24-hour reporting period, US military says - @Reuters

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crime & courts

American-Belgian businessman arrested over 'blood diamonds' in Sierra Leone - @AP

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Al Jazeera journalists sentenced in Egypt

State Department says United States 'deeply disappointed' by verdict handed down in Egyptian court against 3 Al Jazeera journalists - @Reuters

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Fight against Islamic State militants

Turkey launches 1st airstrikes with US coalition, jets strike 7 Islamic State targets in northern Aleppo in Syria - @DailySabah

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Microsoft is cleared of infringing on Interdigital's patents by US International Trade Commission - @Reuters

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United States

US stocks trade in narrow range; Dow closes down about 14; Nasdaq gains 16 - @CNBC


United States

President Obama names James O'Brien as 'Special Presidential Envoy for Hostage Affairs, Department of State' - @AndrewBeatty

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Wisc. Gov. Scott Walker: Islamic terrorists are 'most likely' smuggling themselves across the Mexican border - @WSJ

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Iran nuclear program deal

President Obama urges Israel to resume conversations with the US about 'how to enhance Israel's security in a very troubled neighborhood.' - @ReutersZengerle

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Iran nuclear program deal

President Obama, in webcast with Jewish Federation, notes Iran defense budget is $15 billion - compared to US defense budget of $600 billion. He says Iran a regional power, not a superpower. - @markknoller

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United States

Losses in US stocks accelerate; Dow off about 110; the Nasdaq, 17 - @MarketWatch

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United States

US crude up $3 a barrel, or around 7%, extending rally - @Reuters

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Kenyan national sentenced to 15 years in prison for conspiracy to provide material support to 'terrorist organizations,' per US Justice Department - @Reuters

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United States

US 2-year, 5-year, 10-year Treasuries yields rise to session highs following Fed's Fischer comments on US rate hike - @Reuters

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United States

Federal Reserve's Stanley Fischer on September rate hike: 'I wouldn't want to decide right now what the case is... We've got to see the incoming data' - @PDavidsonusat


Iran nuclear program deal

US Sen. Tom Carper (D-Del.) on backing Iran nuclear deal: 'I'm supporting the Iran Deal because it's good for America, good for our negotiating partners, and good for the world' - @SenatorCarper

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