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Editor's note: CNBC notes that today's record close for the Dow and the S&P 500 continues a rally that began after Election Day. The Dow, CNBC says, has posted gains in 18 of the past 22 sessions and 12 record closes since the election. The S&P and the Nasdaq, meanwhile, have risen 4.8 percent and 3.9 percent since Nov. 8, respectively. - Tom

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United States

US indexes set new highs as transportation shares soar; Dow gains about 298 - CNBC

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John Glenn

John Glenn, former US senator and astronaut, has been hospitalized, spokesman from Ohio State University says; no word on condition - 12 News

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United States

Editor's note: With 20 minutes remaining in the trading day, the Dow is now up by 300 points, at 19,552. - Tom

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United States

US Justice Department: Executive at a packaged seafood company agrees to plead guilty in a price-fixing conspiracy - AP

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United States

Editor's note: The health bill passed by the US Senate earlier today, dubbed the 21st Century Cures Act, provides $6.3 billion over 10 years for medical research and the Food and Drug Administration. Of that total, some $1 billion is to be used as state grants to combat opioid abuse. The bill passed 94-5. - Tom

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US Senate passes medical research package, the 21st Century Cures Act - Washington Examiner

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Report: Senior Palestinian officials to travel to Washington, DC, next week for meetings at US State Department - Haaretz

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Syrian Civil War

US Ambassador to the United Nations says 'diplomacy has not delivered for the people of Aleppo;' Syria and Russia walked away from diplomacy - AP

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US sanctions 2 Yemenis, 1 Yemen-based charity linked to Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula - Reuters

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Sprint joins as 'Pokémon Go' partner in US; more than 10,500 company locations to turn into in-game PokéStops and gyms

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Dow Jones Industrial Average

Dow Jones hits new intraday high, trades at above 19,270 - MarketWatch

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US economic indicators

US stocks open lower as healthcare sector takes hit; Dow down 11 points - MarketWatch

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TIME 'Person of the Year' 2016

In TIME magazine interview, Donald Trump promises to 'work something out' for those currently protected under US President Obama's immigration executive orders

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Foxconn, assembly partner of Apple, in preliminary talks to expand company's US operations - Bloomberg

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Syrian Civil War

Statement: White House says on situation in Aleppo: 'We condemn the actions of the Syrian regime and its foreign backers, especially Russia, for their obstruction of humanitarian aid, and strongly condemn the Syrian regime's attacks that have devastated civilians and medical facilities and use of barrel bombs and chemical weapons.' - @ejbeals

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Syrian Civil War

Leaders of Canada, France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and United States jointly condemn Russia over Aleppo bombings - Guardian

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Asian shares trade higher, bolstered by gains in the US, as a weak Japanese yen helped exporters' stocks on the Nikkei - MarketWatch


Trump appointments and nominations

Reports: Former US Attorney Debra Wong Yang under consideration to lead Securities and Exchange Commission - Los Angeles Times, Reuters, CNBC

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World War II

Pres. Obama declares Dec. 7, 2016 National Pearl Harbor Remembrance Day: 'I encourage all Americans to observe this solemn day' - ABC

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