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Islamic State threat in Iraq, Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has told US Secretary of State John Kerry that the US should respect Syrian sovereignty in its fight against Islamic State militants, ministry says in a statement - @Reuters

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Blast outside Egypt's foreign ministry in Cairo, Sept., 2014

US Embassy in Cairo: 'The US Embassy condemns in the strongest terms the terrorist attack today near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which killed at least two and injured several others' - statement

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Man convicted of killing a US Amazon activist who was also a nun, re-arrested in Brazil on suspicion of involvement in 3 new murders - @AFP

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Islamic State threat in Iraq, Syria

Turkey's Erdogan says he has discussed 'buffer zone' on Syrian border with US and NATO allies - @Reuters

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Cairo, Cairo, EG

US plans to deliver 10 Apache helicopters to Egypt to support counter-terror efforts, Pentagon says - @Reuters

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88 fugitives wanted in China for graft, fraud, other economic crimes returned from US, Canada, other countries, police ministry says - @AP

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Lawyers: 14 Pakistanis freed from US custody in Afghanistan's Bagram prison - @Reuters

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Russian planes intercepted near US, Canadian airspace

More: NORAD spokesman says they do not see intercepted Russian flights as a threat; says such intercepts had happened more than 50 times in last 5 years as Russian aircraft conducted exercises - @Reuters

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Petro Poroshenko

Editor's note: An unnamed U.S. official tells CNN's Barbara Starr that officials in Washington think the Russian flight incidents were related to the visit by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who talked to Canadian officials Wednesday and President Barack Obama on Thursday. We're watching for additional official statements on the planes being intercepted. - Stephanie

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North American Aerospace Defense Command

NORAD on Russian planes intercepted near US, Canadian airspace: 'We think these are standard training activities ... but we'll continue to monitor all air activity approaching American airspace' - @KiritRadia

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Russian planes intercepted near US, Canadian airspace

More: 2 US jets intercepted 6 Russian planes that neared US airspace off Alaska Thursday; Canadian planes intercepted 2 two Russian bombers that approached Canadian airspace, NORAD says - @CNN

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US Northern Command: At request of Mexico government and US Department of state, USNORTHCOM dispatched C-130 to Cabo San Lucas to assist stranded US tourists - @NoradNorthcom

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North American Aerospace Defense Command

NORAD: US intercepted 6 Russian planes this week that flew within 55 nautical miles of Alaskan coastline, 40 nautical miles of Canadian coastline - statement

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Islamic State threat in Iraq, Syria

US Secretary of State John Kerry says there is role for Iran in tackling the threat of Islamic State militants - @Reuters

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Egyptian man pleads guilty to charges stemming from 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania that killed 224 - @Reuters

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Ukraine, Russia political crisis

Exxon says US will allows it to wind down drilling in Russian Arctic to adhere to Ukraine sanctions - @Reuters

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US economic indicators

US leading economic index up 0.2% in August, lower than expected - @MarketsTicker, @CNBC


Scotland's independence referendum

President Obama on Scotland referendum: 'We welcome the result of yesterday's referendum on Scottish independence'; says he congratulates people of Scotland 'for their full and energetic exercise of democracy' - @sinderbrand, @petermaercbs

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Alibaba IPO

Editor's note: U.S. markets have opened, but according to @qz reporter @sinoceros, a New York Stock Exchange floor trader says Alibaba's pricing might not come until 10:30 am ET. "It’s not a race to get it open. It’s [a] race to find the price," she quotes the trader saying. - Aaron

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Alibaba IPO

US stocks open higher in anticipation of Alibaba; Dow and S&P 500 pushing further into record territory - @CNBC