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United States

Editor's note: We're seeing numerous reports from around the US that Starbucks is experiencing computer issues, prompting many locations to fill customers' orders for free. Starbucks has not acknowledged an outage. - Jimmy

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United States

US stocks advance, led by Microsoft, Amazon; Nasdaq sets new record, closing at about 5092 - @CNBC



White House: Revised US-Japan defense guidelines to expand Japan's role in countries' alliance, allow greater Japanese support for US forces in Asia-Pacific - @Reuters

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India puts US charity Ford Foundation on security watchlist over support for Modi critic - @TR_Foundation


Al-Qaida hostages killed in US operation

White House Spokesman Josh Earnest: Obama weighing forming a 'fusion cell' of FBI, Defense, State, intelligence community to better communicate with families of hostages - @juliehdavis

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United States

Editor's note: Shortly after noon ET, US market indexes were higher; Nasdaq, fueled by tech earnings, was up 41 points, or 0.80%. The Dow was up 18, or 0.10%. - Tom

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Yemen crisis

US aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt left the North Arabian Sea overnight amid retreat of Iranian convoy from Yemen, US officials say - @NBCNews

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US stocks open higher after Nasdaq's record close Thursday, with Amazon up 14% following earnings report - @CNNMoney

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US to deliver new F-35 fighter jets to Israel next year to help Israel maintain military edge in Middle East, Vice President Joe Biden says - @Reuters

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Guantanamo, Guantanamo, CU

Guantanamo Bay detainee with residency status in Britain set to be freed in June following campaign for his release - @FRANCE24

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Obama 2nd term nominations

President Obama says 'America will be better off' with Loretta Lynch as attorney general - @NBCNews

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Al-Qaida hostages killed in US operation

Editor's note: Six Americans affiliated with al-Qaida have now been killed by U.S. drone strikes since 2011, NBC News reports. Earlier today, the White House announced two American al-Qaida leaders were killed in January. Anwar al-Awlaki, who was killed in 2011, was targeted in a strike, but the others were not specifically targeted. - Stephanie

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Comcast, Time Warner Cable merger

Editor's note: Bloomberg is reporting, per sources, that Comcast is planning to drop its proposed takeover of Time Warner Cable. No formal announcement has been made, but U.S. regulators opposed the planned $45.2 billion transaction earlier this week. - Stephanie

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US crude settles at $57.74 a barrel, up 2.81% - @CNBC

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Al-Qaida hostages killed in US operation

White House says incident with killed hostages from US operation raises legitimate questions about whether changes should be made to any protocols - @Reuters

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Ukraine, Russia political crisis

US official: In call on Ukraine, Secretary of State Kerry and Russia's Lavrov also discussed 'arms control, Iran, Yemen and Syria' - @mawilner

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Yemen crisis

US official says Iranian ships moving northeast away from Yemen in 'promising sign' - @Reuters

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Fight against Islamic State militants

US, allies conduct 21 airstrikes in Iraq and Syria against Islamic State militants, military says - @Reuters

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JPMorgan Chase trading loss

US request to extradite ex-JP Morgan banker Javier Martin-Artajo over 'London Whale' charges denied by Spanish court - @Business

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Al-Qaida hostages killed in US operation

President Obama says US believe target was an al-Qaida compound with no civilians present - @Reuters

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