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Mississippi LGBT bill

Family Research Council claims Mississippi's new 'religious freedom' law gives new momentum to resist same-sex marriage - @dominicholden

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Mississippi, US

Mississippi Senate passes controversial 'religious freedom bill' that critics say is the most sweeping anti-LGBT legislation in US - BuzzFeed News

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US same-sex marriage

Federal judge: Supreme Court ruling on same-sex marriage doesn't automatically apply to Puerto Rico, an unincorporated territory - Buzzfeed News

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2016 US elections

Ted Cruz on gay adoption: 'I would leave the question of marriage to the states. I would leave the question of adoption to the states' - Fox News

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2016 US elections

Editor's note: Facebook data shows Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders dominated the overall conversation about the Iowa caucuses on Monday from midnight to noon CST. Sanders was the top candidate being discussed in Iowa at 42.2 percent, and Donald Trump came in second at 21.7 percent. The top issues being discussed in the state were the economy, same-sex marriage and State Department emails, Facebook said. - Stephanie

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Tennessee same-sex marriage

Bill seeking to block US Supreme Court's gay marriage ruling in Tennessee defeated in state House subcommittee - WSMV

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US same-sex marriage

Anglican Communion suspends Episcopal Church, its US branch, for 3 years over its acceptance of same-sex marriage - USA Today

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Kentucky same-sex marriage

Kentucky's ACLU legal director William Sharp on order to have county clerk names taken off marriage licenses: 'Gov. Bevin's executive action has added to the cloud of uncertainty that hangs over marriage licensing in Kentucky. The requirement that the county clerk's name appear on marriage licenses is prescribed by Kentucky law and is not subject to unilateral change by the governor ...Today, however, a new administration claims to have that authority' - @NBCNews

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Kentucky same-sex marriage

Kentucky Gov. Bevin issues order to have county clerk names taken off marriage licenses - @courierjournal

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Utah same-sex marriage

Utah judge who ordered baby removed from lesbian couples' home disqualifies himself from case - @sltrib

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2016 US elections

Jim Obergefell, lead plaintiff in 2015 US Supreme Court same-sex marriage case, endorses Hillary Clinton for president - @sahilkapur

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US same-sex marriage

IRS says it will now recognize same-sex marriages regardless of where they were performed - @AP

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US same-sex marriage

Photo: Kentucky clerk Kim Davis cries after receiving standing ovation at annual Values Voter Summit - @jbendery

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Kentucky same-sex marriage

Lawyer for Kentucky deputy clerk: Kim Davis disobeyed judge's order by altering forms - @AP

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Kentucky same-sex marriage

Alabama judge inspired by Kim Davis files petition, vowing he won't sanction 'issuance of a license to engage in sodomy' - @TPM

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Kentucky same-sex marriage

Poll: 63% of Americans say Kim Davis should be required to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples - @washingtonpost

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Kentucky same-sex marriage

Attorney says Kim Davis has no issue with recording same-sex marriage licenses in her office; Says problem stems from her being the person who authorizes the licenses - @WLKYEmily

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Kentucky same-sex marriage

Attorney says Kim Davis is 'not looking to pick a fight with anyone' over same-sex marriage licenses - @WLKYEmily

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Kentucky same-sex marriage

Photo: Marriage license issued to same-sex couple in Rowan County, Ky., lacks clerk Kim Davis' name - @dominicholden

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Kentucky same-sex marriage

Same-sex couple gets marriage license over Kim Davis' objection; 1st since she returned to work - @AP

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