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Gilbert, AZ

Woman in Gilbert, Ariz., accused of killing husband said she had 4 orders of protection against him in Utah - AZ Central

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British Columbia, Canada

British Columbia speed skater, Olympic medalist Denny Morrison suffers stroke in Utah - CBC

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Utah, US

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert fails to secure GOP nomination at convention, faces primary election - AP

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Utah, US

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert signs resolution declaring pornography a 'public health hazard' - NBC News

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Federal appeals court backs ban on snowboarders at Utah ski resort - AP

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Federal appeals court rejects 'Sister Wives' lawsuit over Utah's polygamy ban - @BenWinslow

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Utah, US

Earthquake: M 2.6 - Utah


Oklahoma wildfires, April 2016

Map: Dangerous fire weather conditions on US Plains with numerous reports of wildfires - @SeverePlains

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Utah, US

#BREAKING: @UtahDepOfHealth investigation reveals at least 16 people infected with hepatitis C from outbreak. https://t.co/yM6lNjGIjL - @standardex


Utah, US

Utah becomes 1st state to require anesthesia for women having abortions at 20 weeks or later - AP

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Picabo Street

Utah judge dismisses domestic violence and assault charges against Olympic gold-medal skier Picabo Street - AP


Ogden, UT

Photo: Snow covers tracks at Union Station in Ogden, Utah; a storm could deliver up to 2 feet of new snow in the state's northern mountains, with precipitation but little accumulation seen for Ogden - @reallifephotoz

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2016 US elections

Ted Cruz wins more than 50% of the vote in Utah's GOP caucuses meeting threshold to take all 40 delegates - AP

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2016 US elections

Ted Cruz projected to win Utah GOP caucus - NBC News, CNN, AP

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2016 US elections

Bernie Sanders projected to win Utah Democratic caucus - AP, NBC News

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2016 US elections

Editor's note: Polls in the Arizona primary have closed. The state GOP race is winner-take-all with 58 delegates at stake. There are 85 delegates are at stake in the Democratic contest. The Idaho Democratic caucus was set to convene at 7 pm PT although those that were already in line before the set time are still allowed to vote. The GOP and Democratic caucuses in Utah are set to convene later in the evening. We will continue to post updates. - Imana

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2016 US elections

Photo: People line up at Mountain View Elementary Democratic caucus site in Salt Lake City - @GlenBeebyNews

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Brussels attacks, March 22, 2016

Video: Family of Brussels attacks victim Joseph Empey, 1 of 3 Mormon missionaries from Utah injured, speaks to media; 'I feel bad for people who lost their family today' - @MahsaKTNV/

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Utah, US

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert endorses GOP candidate Ted Cruz for president - KUTV


2016 US elections

2012 GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney says he will vote for Ted Cruz in Utah caucus

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