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Barack Obama

Photo: Presidential Medal of Freedom awardee Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with President Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett - @vj44

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Milwaukee police shooting of Sylville Smith

US President Obama briefed on Milwaukee violence; White House says adviser Valerie Jarrett spoke with Mayor Barrett and offered support for local authorities - @markknoller

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Muhammad Ali dies

President Obama statement, read by Valerie Jarrett, at memorial ceremony: 'He was bigger brighter and more influential than just about anyone of his era. And yes, he was pretty too' - @EricWLKY

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US gun control debate

White House is finalizing new executive action that would expand background checks on gun purchases, senior adviser Valerie Jarrett says - @AP

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US gun control debate

White House: President Obama, Senior Adviser Valerie Jarrett met today with former Rep. Gabby Giffords and Mark Kelly to discuss possible executive actions on gun control - @justinsink

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Barack Obama

Editor's note: According to senior adviser to President Obama @vj44, the White House Science Fair featured more girls than boys for the first time ever on Monday. At the fair, President Obama announced a series of roundtables that will discuss a commitment to underrepresented groups, including girls and women, in STEM fields. - Jillian

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Washington, DC, US

Photo: The Dalai Lama attends the National Prayer Breakfast with other US and international leaders; Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett is seated at the lama's table - @jeffmason1

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Barack Obama

President Obama won't raise funds for his presidential library while in office, White House senior adviser Valerie Jarrett says - @politico

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California same-sex marriage

White House says senior adviser Valerie Jarrett, counsel Kathy Ruemmler attended Supreme Court oral arguments on California's Prop 8 - via @NBCNews

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