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Australia secretly held group of 46 Vietnamese asylum seekers on warship at sea for almost a month then returned them to Vietnam, officials say - @AP

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South China Sea dispute

Vietnam opposes Chinese fishing ban in disputed sea, says it us a 'worthless decision' - @Reuters

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United States

US wants Vietnam to release some prisoners of conscience in coming weeks, US rights official says - @Reuters

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Vietnam War

Photo: The remains of a US soldier killed in Vietnam is returned at Washington's National Airport - @carolynryan

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South Korea

Vietnam and South Korea sign free trade agreement, statement confirms - @Reuters

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South Korea

South Korea and Vietnam sign bilateral free trade agreement, Seoul government says, with countries seeking to implement the deal before the year's end - @YonhapNews

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2 Su-22 fighter jets collide in Vietnam, pilots eject but are still missing - @XHNews

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Hundreds of villagers in central Vietnam block traffic in Hanoi to protest pollution from coal-fired thermo power plant - @AP

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Ha Tinh, Ha Tinh, VN

At least 14 people killed, 28 injured when scaffolding collapses at construction site in central Vietnam, police say - @AP

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Ha Tinh, Ha Tinh, VN

State media: At least 12 dead in Vietnam industrial zone accident - @Reuters

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US asked Vietnam to stop helping Russian bomber flights, State Department official says - @Reuters

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Editor's note: The hacking charges announced earlier by the Department of Justice against 3 people (2 Vietnamese citizens, 1 Canadian) involved the theft of 1 billion email addresses. The DOJ released a statement that said, in part, 'the scope of the intrusion is unnerving.' - Tom

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3 people are charged over roles in hacking US email providers, says Department of Justice - @Reuters

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Ho Chi Minh City, Ho Chi Minh, VN

4 people killed when Vietnamese military helicopter crashes after takeoff from southern Ho Chi Minh City, army officials says - @AFP

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8 Vietnamese drug traffickers sentenced to death for trafficking more than 200kg of heroin - @ChannelNewsAsia

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Hoa Binh, Hoa Binh, VN

Vietnam court sentences 8 people to death for heroin trafficking, state-controlled media reports - @AP

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Chinese police shoot dead 2 Uighurs trying to illegally cross into Vietnam, state media says - @BBCNewsAsia

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Guangxi, CN

State media: Chinese police shoot dead 2 Uighurs at Vietnam border - @Reuters

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Georgia, US

US Supreme Court denies request for clemency from Vietnam veteran scheduled for execution Tuesday night in Georgia - @11AliveNews

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Vietnam detains lawmaker for alleged fraud over housing project, local media reports - @AP

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