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Barack Obama

President Obama on death of aide Brandon Lepow: 'He made his 32 years count. And those of us who knew him are better for it' - @WhiteHouse

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict

White House condemns 'terror attacks' against Israeli civilians that killed at least 3 people and wounded others - @Reuters

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2016 US elections

White House Press Secretary says Vice President Joe Biden will make decision to run or president 'on a timeframe of his choosing' - @joshledermanAP

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White House says Iran's ballistic missile test is a 'strong indications that those missile tests did violate' UN Security Council Resoultion - @OKnox

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MLB playoffs 2015

White House Press Secretary says President Obama may watch some of the Democratic debate but may channel surf to playoff baseball - @ByronTau

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Washington Post journalist Jason Rezaian detained in Iran

White House says the lack of clarity on Jason Rezaian's conviction in Iran is consistent with the 'sham process they've been running over there' - @mawilner

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Josh Earnest

White House press secretary Josh Earnest opens press briefing with tribute to Brandon Lepow, former White House aide who died from cancer Monday night - @StevenTDennis

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Bombings at peace rally in Ankara, Turkey, Oct. 10, 2015

President Obama, in call with Turkish President Erdogan, expresses condolences over train station attack, says US stands in solidarity with Turkey, White House says - @Reuters

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United States

US House votes to lift 40-year-old ban on crude oil exports despite White House opposition - @AP

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partner items

#DEVELOPING Volunteer State Bank robbed in White House, police on scene http://t.co/oM01FMz1RP via @nyoung80 http://t.co/BMt3erXoxt - @Tennessean


Syrian civil war

White House: Russian military actions in Syria are 'eroding the space for a political resolution' - @Reuters

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Fight against Islamic State militants

Obama administration ends $500 million Pentagon program to train Syrian rebels to fight Islamic State, officials say - @nytimes

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Trans-Pacific Partnership trade talks

White House calls Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal the 'core of our Asia policy'; acknowledges that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton campaigned for it though now opposes it - @margbrennan

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House Speaker John Boehner resigns from Congress

White House press secretary says it's 'easy to poke fun at the chaos' after House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy drops bid to be speaker; but says challenge for GOP remains the same, that a minority 'extreme' is dividing party - @PamelaMPrah

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White House (Executive Office of the President of the United States)

White House threatens veto of bill to lift ban on exporting domestic oil; says Congress should focus on 'our transition to a low-carbon economy' - @ChadPergram

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Israeli-Palestinian conflict

White House says US is 'deeply concerned' about escalating tensions and violence in Jerusalem and West Bank - @Reuters

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War in Afghanistan (2015)

More: White House spokesman says President Obama also called Afghan president to express condolences for loss of life in strike on Afghan hospital - @Reuters

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War in Afghanistan (2015)

White House spokesman says President Obama called Doctors Without Borders to apologize for hospital bombing in Afghanistan - @DavidNakamura

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Barack Obama

Photo: President Obama, at first White House Summit on Worker Voice, says 'Wages need to rise more quickly' - @wsjMelanie


Barack Obama

President Obama, speaking at White House 'Summit on Worker Voice': 'The middle class itself was built on a union label. And that middle class that was built was the engine of our prosperity' - @cam_joseph