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Barack Obama

#BREAKING: Obama Administration confirms double-digit healthcare premium hikes: https://t.co/DO5FFsMo6j https://t.co/wW0DVFdDNI - @CBSDFW


Affordable Care Act (ACA)

Obama administration: HealthCare.gov premiums will go up by double-digit percentages in 2017 - AP

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AT&T agrees to buy Time Warner

Bernie Sanders statement: Obama administration 'should kill the Time Warner/AT&T merger. This deal would mean higher prices and fewer choices for the American people' - Reuters

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Photo: Bill Murray makes an appearance in the White House press room following the daily briefing; a spokesman says Murray was visiting with the president ahead of his planned acceptance of the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor on Sunday - The Hill

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South China Sea dispute

White House spokesman Josh Earnest confirms Navy warship navigated through South China Sea

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Texas, US

Obama administration appeals Texas judge's ruling against federal government's new guidelines for transgender student bathroom use - Dallas News

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2016 US elections

White House's Eric Schultz says President Obama's plans for peaceful transfer of power have been in works 'for months' with both parties; says 'work is going to continue unabated' - @Hoffine44

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2016 US elections

White House press secretary says 'there's not much' of a relationship between President Obama and half-brother invited by Trump campaign to presidential debate - @mikememoli

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Video: President Obama and First Lady Michele Obama descend the White House's Grand Staircase with Italian Prime Minister Renzi and his wife Mrs. Agnese Landini for final State Dinner - @jeffmason1

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Photo: President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama with Italian Prime Minister Renzi and his wife Mrs. Agnese Landini at last State Dinner of the Obama White House - @jeffmason1

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air travel

White House announces efforts to improve air travel by requiring airlines to refund baggage handling fees for delays and requiring agents to provide neutral search results - Reuters

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Photo: Getting ready for the Italian state visit at the White House, US President Obama's last state visit - @anitakumar01

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Fight against Islamic State militants

White House press secretary on US role in Mosul: 'They are not responsible for leading these operations' but give 'advice and assistance'; forces are equipped for combat - @OKnox

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Fight against Islamic State militants

White House press secretary says operation to reclaim Mosul, Iraq, is the 'next test' of President Obama's strategy to defeat Islamic State on the ground without US ground troops - @dsupervilleap

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United States

Obama administration says US budget deficit increased to $587 billion for just-completed fiscal year - AP

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Fight against Islamic State militants

Photo: President Obama returns to White House after 2-day trip to Pennsylvania and Ohio; has meeting with National Security Council on Islamic State - @markknoller

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Russian Foreign Ministry: US conducting 'scorched earth' Russia policy during final months of Obama presidency, including blocking IMF, World Bank funds - AP

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WikiLeaks Democratic Party email leaks

Press Secretary Earnest says White House stands by the contention that Russian hacking 'intended to destabilize the US political system' - @markknoller

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2016 US elections

On US response to Russian hacking, White House says 'It is unlikely that our response would be announced in advance' - @eilperin

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2016 US elections

White House press secretary Josh Earnest on Donald Trump bus video: 'I think there has been a pretty clear statement by people all along the ideological spectrum that those statements constituted sexual assault' - The Hill

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