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East Lansing, MI, US

#BREAKING Amway Coaches Poll: Wisconsin climbs, Michigan State tumbles after blowout https://t.co/ef9eFgBJHE - @USATODAY


Wisconsin, US

Wisconsin Gov. Walker declares state of emergency for 13 western counties due to flooding - Fox 6

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Wisconsin, US

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker unveils transportation budget request; holds line on taxes, delays expansions - State Journal

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Wisconsin, US

Court rules in favor of 2-parent birth certificates for children of same-sex spouses in Wisconsin - @LambdaLegal

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Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker accused of 'criminal scheme'

Leaked 'John Doe' documents paint fuller picture of case against Scott Walker campaign - Wisconsin State Journal

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Wisconsin, US

Wisconsin attorney general appeals ruling that overturned 'Making a Murderer' nephew's conviction - AP

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Waukesha County, WI, US

#BREAKING Special report: Wisconsin’s reliably red Waukesha County is a snapshot of GOP struggles with Trump https://t.co/D7PYlFltaw - @USATODAY


2016 US elections

Hillary Clinton is leading by fewer than 4 points in Colorado, Florida and is tied with Donald Trump in North Carolina. The Democratic nominee is also up by 2 in Wisconsin, the Washington Post's data shows

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Troy, OH, US

#BREAKING: Hobart Welding plant moving some operations to Wisconsin, https://t.co/aK2tneUMXF https://t.co/Z7s1a4SOZK - @whiotv


Wisconsin, US

Experts disagree on value of 'performance-based' funding Gov. Scott Walker will seek for University of Wisconsin system - Wisconsin State Journal

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Wisconsin, US

#BREAKING: Badgers football: Wisconsin senior offensive lineman Dan Voltz unexpectedly retires https://t.co/q09qD0L7YW - @WiStateJournal


Milwaukee police shooting of Sylville Smith

Wisconsin district attorney: Body camera footage of a fatal police shooting that sparked unrest in Milwaukee will not be released until a charging decision is made - USA Today

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Planned Parenthood to no longer provide abortions at Appleton, Wis., clinic; leaves Madison, Milwaukee as state's only 2 clinics - @patrickdmarley

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Wisconsin, US

Guitarist Matt Roberts, founding member of rock band 3 Doors Down, dies in Wisconsin at age 38 - AP

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Madison, WI, US

#BREAKING: Big industries say high electric prices may push them out of Wisconsin https://t.co/w5ByVwnsW0 - @WiStateJournal


'Slender Man' stabbings in Wisconsin

Wisconsin girl to plead insanity in 2014 'Slender Man' attack - Chicago Tribune

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2016 US elections

Donald Trump, in Wisconsin, says he'd ban spouses of administration officials from collecting speaking fees while he's in office - @reidepstein

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Milwaukee police shooting of Sylville Smith

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker activates National Guard to help if needed after night of Milwaukee unrest - AP

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4 to 8 inches of rain lead to flash flood warning in Wabasha, northern Trempealeau and Buffalo counties in Wisconsin until 10:15 a.m. CT - National Weather Service


Minneapolis, MN, US

A severe thunderstorm watch has been issued for east central Minnesota and northwestern Wisconsin, including Minneapolis - Weather Channel

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